Redefining “masculinity” and “femininity”

To become more powerful in your masculinity, contact me for coaching The word “masculine” has been defined as traits characteristic of males. Not only does this vague definition leave way too much room for the “woke” movement to start weaponising the word (e.g. making being male look toxic), but it’s impractical and senseless. Men can be both masculine and Read More

Why the term “Toxic Masculinity” hurts us all

Get my Shamelessness course on Udemy to become a confident beast today The term “toxic masculinity” was original devised by a men’s advocate group to describe the way men are raised with a skewed, macho, harmful version of what it means to be a man. However, as a term toxic masculinity has since come to basically mean that it’s bad Read More

There is no such thing as toxic masculinity

This modern term completely baffles me. To me, the term “toxic masculinity” sounds no less confusing than “toxic health” or “toxic sunlight” or “toxic love”. These things are innately healthy and helpful, and if toxicity is present then these things are not. Today I’ll be making the case to state you’re either being masculine or you’re being toxic, but you Read More

Why so many New Zealand men commit suicide

Today I’d like to address something dark and miserable: New Zealand’s horrific suicide rates, particularly among young men. New Zealand is in the top 15 of the OECD for suicides per capita. In particular, we have horrific rates for males aged 20 to 24 and for both genders in their middle age. In the year from 2017 to 2018 we Read More

Critique of Red Pill: 9 Iron Rules of Rollo Tomassi

Watch the video above, or read the transcript below At BROJO, we’ve been talking a lot about the views, perspectives and beliefs that men have about woman, and how this affects our interactions and our relationships. We’ve identified that many, if not most men, have at least a few very unhelpful beliefs that get in the way of them creating Read More

3 Fears Stopping You From Taking Risks

You can watch the video version above, or read the text version below One of the most important facets of everyday life is taking risks. Today, we’re going to be talking about three fears that stop most people taking risks. Risk-taking is simply engaging in any behavior where you feel that there is a medium to high likelihood of failure. Read More

Toxic Masculinity is a Myth

Did you see the new Gillette ad? So look, I know a lot of people have already spoken about this, but I’ve taken some time to review it. I’ve watched the Gillette ad. I’ve seen all the comments and all the controversy around it. As a man, and as a coach who leads an organization specifically for masculinity and self-development, Read More

Why You Don’t Feel Like An Adult

Chimps vs Humans My friend Dave must’ve been doing some late-night research around the psychology and the social development of humans, because he randomly emailed me the other day saying that a human goes through a much longer juvenile period than chimpanzees do. Turns out that’s true [1]. We humans are essentially teenagers – mentally and physically – for a Read More

Building Social Confidence for Nice Guys

Transform from Nice Guy to confident beast with my Nice Guy Recovery course If you’re a people pleaser or suffering from Nice Guy Syndrome, this practical guide on how to build confidence will give you some action steps you can take today to build self-worth, social confidence and healthy masculinity. If you’re reading this, it probably means you’re on the Read More

Red Pill Review: Should men use seduction to get women?

TL:DR – This post is for men wanting to know how to get a girl – whether they should use Pick-Up style seduction techniques or just naturally attract through honesty. The post reviews the 3 main claims of seduction advocates: 1) seduction is a good way to learn about women, 2) it’s necessary to protect men from risk, and 3) Read More


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