“Hi Ren” [reaction] – Honesty About The Negative Voice Inside Your Head

Check out the original Hi Ren video here: In this video, confidence coach Dan Munro reacts to the big hit song and musical genius that is Hi Ren. This song is an honest dive into the battles of mental illness, and the daily struggle we all go through in dealing with that negative voice inside your head. It looks at Read More

Inside the Mind of a Narcissist: Interview with Jacob Skidmore – The Nameless Narcissist

Jacob Skidmore, a.k.a The Nameless Narcissist, was officially diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and was aware that something was off since early childhood. Since realising that narcissistic behaviour has damaged his own life as well as harmed others, Jacob has set out on a path of revelation and discovery, looking for a way to live that is more beneficial Read More

[Short] How to deal with your plans being ruined

Want FREE ACCESS to my $200 Nice Guy Recovery online training course? Just fill out this quick 5min survey and I’ll send you access immediately!     One of the hardest things to accept in life is that things just never really go exactly to plan. We always get so frustrated and stressed about this as if we’ve had bad luck or as Read More

[Short] Acceptance vs Tolerance

Are you a Nice Guy or people pleaser who wants to become more socially confident and authentic? Fill out this quick survey and I’ll give you personal feedback on the best next steps you can take this week Acceptance is not the same thing as Tolerance. An issue I get brought to me quite often by my clients is this idea that Read More

It’s not your emotions’ fault

When I’m first coaching someone and I ask them about why they’re struggling with their relationships or career or whatever it is, more times than not they will blame their emotions at some point.   Often, anxiety gets the blame, or fear. Sometimes anger. Sometimes confusion. And after a few sessions, shame is often pointed at as the culprit.   Read More

The Problem With Labels and Diagnoses: The Truth About Mental Health

Say goodbye to not feeling good enough with my Shamelessness course  Labels like “autistic” and “anxious” and “ADHD” might seem like helpful categorisations that lead people to the correct treatment for their illnesses and disorders. But labelling people based on their psychological or physical symptoms is a slippery slope. There are multiple downsides to allowing yourself to be labelled, and Read More

The problem with Putin

I don’t know much about world politics, foreign policy, and all the stuff that surrounds the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. I’ve heard bits and pieces about old Soviet Union and ore deposits and uranium deposits and all kinds of reasons why someone might want to possess the Ukraine. I don’t know enough about any of that shit to pretend Read More

“Minimalism is Toxic” – DEBUNKED

In his blog post Peter Shallard makes a case for the idea that miminalism is just trendy counter-culture practiced by bored and wealthy wannabes and that materialism is not only more enjoyable but more practical, particularly for new entrepreneurs. In this video I review the post and debunk his views on minimalism. For more on minimalism, get the CORRECT Read More

life is a game of chess

My latest obsession is playing chess. It’s good for the brain, competitive (allowing me to keep my confrontational emotions sharp), and well-suited to the permanent lockdown environment of COVID-ravaged Czechia. The more I play… and lose… the more I see that chess is really a metaphor for life. So many of the principles and experiences I’ve encountered in this game Read More

It’s time to stop blaming your parents

Do you have ‘bad parents’? Many people think they have had the worst parents ever, and sometimes they’re actually right about that. Having abusive parents can lead to suffering from a very bad childhood. As we grow up, the damage we get from this affects us every day. We all have a tendency to blame our inadequacies and faults on Read More

Does everyone need a coach to feel good enough?

The Cucumber Talks podcast reviewed some of my work and ideas recently, and challenged me on a few things. Today I address their questions: – Does someone always need a coach? – Does self-development keep you trapped in feeling not good enough? (Shouldn’t we just accept who we are as we are?) – Do I really believe it’s all mind Read More

Courage in the face of fear

Guest post by Anthony Zhou I work with young offenders and even before I started this role, I knew that there was a risk that I could be assaulted. During training, we were informed of staff being assaulted in another precinct. It was always in the back of mind that it could happen to me; it wasn’t a matter of Read More


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