Stop trying to make people do stuff

My wife and I have been struggling with my daughter’s sleep ever since she was born (she’s 3 years old). But just recently we tried something new that’s looking pretty promising. We’ve always had a bedtime routine, but one thing we’ve been doing differently now is rather than trying to make her sleep, we let her play in her room Read More

[Short] The No Force approach to disciplining your child

Join The Integrity Army for free group coaching here Couple of weeks ago, I made a video talking about how I’m not going to force my daughter to brush her teeth, instead took more respectful approach where I let her do it in her own time. I just didn’t interact with her in terms of playing until she had Read More

[Short] People pleasers: Do it for your kids

Want FREE ACCESS to my $200 Nice Guy Recovery online training course? Just fill out this quick 5min survey and I’ll send you access immediately!     When you’re a people pleaser it can be really hard to do things for yourself. You often feel driven to do things that only benefit other people, or at least also benefit other people. Now there’s Read More

“Help! I have a controlling, critical mother!”

Some of us have been unlucky in getting parents who are not well-suited for the job. Either they have learned bad parenting practices from their own upbringing, or they have mental disorders that make it impossible for them to experience compassion, understanding, or respect. Here’s how to deal with them. Dan’s Top Resources Books Dan has 3 bestselling non-fiction books Read More

How becoming a father changed my life: for better and worse!

A Brojo member has asked me a few questions about the impact becoming a father (and settling down to get married) has had on my life. In this honest video, I explore what I’ve had to sacrifice, what new joys have come into my life, what caught me unexpected, and what I believe all new parents need to be aware Read More

Parents: Do you think it’s OK to lie to your kids?

Is it OK for parents to lie to their kids? Most parents seem to think so (as do other adults), and each has their own lies and justifications that they think are acceptable. And yet, if you were to lie to these parents, they’d feel disrespected and even outraged. So why do parents think it’s acceptable to lie to their Read More

The Dark Secrets no parent tells you about having a baby

In today’s video we discuss the dark secrets and struggles parents have when they first have a baby Key points – upsides are beyond measure if you love your child and want a family – today we focus on downsides – depends on kid and parents – range from easy to nightmarish, and can change in a day – miscarriage Read More


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