Pt 2: Most Important Actions

Enjoy this 7 part series on Advanced Time Management! Most Important Actions This one is a killer! If you’re already familiar with the Pareto 80/20 principle, then you’ll know that all actions are not equal. A few actions do most of the work, while a vast majority are simply a waste of time. In your work, for example, you were Read More

Pt 1: Most Valued Actions

Enjoy this 7 part series on Advanced Time Management! Starting the list Write a list of every single activity you do on a normal weekday. Yes, everything! This includes more than just the basic work tasks, but also the personal stuff. From picking your kid up from daycare through to washing the dishes, checking emails without answering them, and scrolling Read More

[Short] Loyalty is not a value

When I’m doing core values work with new clients, quite often the term “Loyalty” comes up. A lot of people think of loyalty as a value. When I use the words “core values” or “values”, I don’t actually mean “things that you find valuable”. Core Values are a set of principles that you live by. These are internal – they Read More

[Short] Are you a teen Andrew Tate fan? Watch THIS before you worship him

Do me a favour! Like/dislike, comment and share on YouTube to help promote my work (if you think it’s a good idea) For more of my work, links, posts and contact details, this site has it all Look, if you’re a teen guy, I can see why you’re into Andrew Tate. I would have been to back in the Read More

[Short] How to find your purpose in 10 seconds or less

Do me a favour! Like/dislike, comment and share on YouTube to help promote my work (if you think it’s a good idea) For more of my work, links, posts and contact details, this site has it all When people are trying to find their purpose, they often think about something that they’re going to become, like a goal that’s Read More

The Late Night Show with Dan & Mike: How to Discipline and Balance Your Life

Coaches Dan and Mike from Brojo talk about the struggles they’ve had staying disciplined with exercise and eating healthy, and what tools they use to overcome issues like low motivation, procrastination, lifestyle imbalance, and outside interference. Dan’s Top Resources Books Dan has 3 bestselling non-fiction books available in both written and audio form: The Naked Truth, his latest release, shows Read More

Top 5 Regrets of the Dying

Palliative nurse Bronnie Ware recorded the top 5 regrets her patients expressed most when on their deathbeds. This is a lesson we do not heed often enough. Why wait until you’re dying to realise how you should be living? In this video, I explore those top 5 and give my feedback on how to avoid them. Bronnie Ware’s website: Read More

Empty calories: The REAL poison

I first heard the term “empty calories” from my first ever diet and nutrition book, referencing things like white bread, crackers, diet soda, and other such foods that might fill you up but have little nutritional value. Empty calories are possibly more dangerous than “bad” calories (e.g. food high in saturated fats) because they go under the radar. At least Read More

Top 5 Social Confidence Books

Today we’re going to be reviewing the top five books that I’ve ever read on how to build confidence by being more honest. A specific little niche there, but ultimately I think this is the only topic worth focusing on if you want to build strong social confidence. It’s all about learning what being yourself actually looks like in real life. Read More

The Challenge That Tested My Values

A guest post by Anthony Zhou In November 2018, I had a situation where I had to choose between my values or a potential positive outcome if I ignored my values. In self-development, the idea of values and value-based living are common concepts, and I guess they can be considered the building blocks (to identify your core values click here). Read More

Gaming Disorder: Video Game Obsession

Today’s question comes from a guy who wants some help with video games. This post/video is for guys and girls who play a lot of video games and they’re wondering whether or not it’s healthy to do so. It’s come up for a couple of my clients now and I want to address it. One of them has written through to me Read More

Self Sabotage: The 3 Lies That Rule Your Life

In this post I’m going to explore the 3 biggest deceptions you play on yourself to create a pattern of self-sabotage, and how to correct these so you can be more honest, confident and productive. The first lie is your prediction of the future, which you use to determine your decisions. The second lie is the present hidden intention behind your actions. And the third lie is the story you make up about what happened in the past, to explain your behaviour to yourself. We'll explore these lies today, and then look at what you can do to free yourself from this self-deception. Read More


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