Why you should never defend your true self

My client was out socializing with a new friend the other day. It was a big comfort-zone push for him just to be out with someone new in an unfamiliar environment. This new friend was very bold. He was approaching strangers, starting conversations, and taking risks. My client started to feel a kind of agitation and pressure build up as Read More

You must confront your wife about the little annoying things

I was coaching a guy to help him bring a bit more assertiveness into his relationship. He’s been a Nice Guy for as long as he can remember, and he doesn’t even really know what it means to disagree anymore. He just feels like he’s “easygoing” and he doesn’t care that much. When I prodded him for examples of times Read More

How to deal with parents who put you down

A girl wrote into me asking why her mother kept comparing her to other people and destroying her self-esteem. My answer got a huge response on Quora because it turns out lots of people have mean parents who make them feel bad about themselves. In this video, we explore why this happens, how to recognise it, and what you can Read More

Successful confrontation depends on THIS

A client of mine had a difficult confrontation that took a lot of bravery. She was very proud of herself. But then later on she found out the person she confronted basically hadn’t listened to her and was not going to change their behavior. She was incredibly disappointed and upset about this. She got infuriated with the other person all Read More

How to be more assertive as a man

The problem for men Following the #metoo debacle, the shame many men already felt in the wake of the modern-day man-hating version of feminism was amplified. We started to worry that we are inherently harmful just for being male. The horrible actions of a few awful men started to make us all question ourselves, even if we’d always been decent Read More

If you’re mad at someone else, you’re probably a hypocrite

The other day, I was quite upset about a friend of mine who didn’t reach out for help when he should have, and I was getting all worked up about it for quite some time… Until it finally clicked that I’m currently struggling and I’m not reaching out for help! I was lying next to my wife in bed, struggling Read More

Confrontations vs Conflicts: The Difference Matters!

Full transcript The following clip that you’re about to watch is an excerpt from my upcoming course: Healthy boundaries in friendships, dating, and relationships. If you enjoy that clip, have a look in the description for information on how to find the rest of the course. In this video, we’re going to talk about the difference between confrontation and conflict, Read More

Navigating Difficult Conversations (pt.2): The Principles of Powerful Confrontations

  To become more assertive and confident, contact Dan to explore coaching options     Check out the full Building Rapport: Communication Skills to Surpass Small Talk course   Full transcript This video is an excerpt from my upcoming course Building rapport, Going beyond small talk with advanced communication skills. If you’re interested in the course check out the Read More

Navigating Difficult Conversations: Definitions and Common Mistakes

Check out the full course – Building Rapport: Communication Skills to Surpass Small Talk Full Transcript This video is an excerpt from my upcoming course Building rapport: Going beyond small talk with advanced communication skills. If you’re interested in the course, check out the link above. So in today’s video, we’re going to talk about navigating difficult conversations, the techniques Read More

How to argue against confident articulate people

One of the toughest things to deal with when you want to confront people is when you’re up against what I call an “articulate enemy”. This is somebody who’s really good at talking, somebody who is really quick witted. They can be funny and sarcastic in a biting way, and they’re good at arguing. They like arguing, they enjoy conflict, Read More

Should you confront someone who’s already feeling bad?

One of the biggest difficulties with confrontations is that it just never seems to be the “right time”. Even when you finally work up the courage and commit to standing up for yourself, suddenly it seems like LIFE just gets in the way. One of the most challenging examples of this is when the person that you need to confront Read More

[Short] Avoiding confrontation is selfish!

To avoid conflict, many people use the limiting belief that they’re actually doing a kindness to others by keeping their disagreements and dislikes to themselves, like it’s noble to be agreeable. You might think by avoiding confrontations and not standing up for yourself that you’re only really creating a problem for yourself, that you’re the only one that has to Read More


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