[Short] Avoiding confrontation is selfish!

To avoid conflict, many people use the limiting belief that they’re actually doing a kindness to others by keeping their disagreements and dislikes to themselves, like it’s noble to be agreeable. You might think by avoiding confrontations and not standing up for yourself that you’re only really creating a problem for yourself, that you’re the only one that has to Read More

Weeding the Garden: Knowing When Avoid Creating Rapport and When to End Relationships

Full transcript (unedited) The following video is an excerpt from my course building rapport. Going beyond small talk with authentic communication skills. If you want to see the full video or the full course, check out the link in the description or comments below. So in this video, we start to wrap the course up with talking about the opposite Read More

[Short] Why you must always confront haters face to face

I think it was Mike Tyson who said something about how social media has made us all too comfortable with talking shit and not getting punched in the face for it. In case it’s not obvious, what he’s saying is that we have a sneaky kind of cowardice where we only say what we really think when there’s no chance Read More

[Short] The one thing all abusive relationships have in common

There’s one thing that all abusive relationships have in common in order for them to remain abusive, whether its the abuse of a child, or an adult, or anybody, and that is keeping secrets. See it’s almost impossible to abuse someone who won’t keep a secret, because they won’t keep the abuse a secret. They won’t keep how they feel Read More

[Short] Why arguing with irrational people is a mistake

An old influencer friend of mine used to spend a lot of his time getting into online arguments with radical feminists. He’d spend hours every week trying to get even one of them to change their mind, and he never once made a difference. It was like everything he said only hardened their position, no matter how rational or supported Read More

[Short] The big lie we tell ourselves about being assertive

Get your Daily Dose of Integrity with my FREE newsletter here: One of the worst lies that we tell ourselves, and I spent most of my life lying to myself in this way, is that the confrontation that you’re looking at having doesn’t need to happen. That now’s not the right time, It’s not that big of a deal. Read More

[Short] The most important thing to remember in relationship conflicts

Take my Nice Guy Quiz to learn how to replace people pleasing with powerful confidence and authenticity: >> Click Here to Take The Quiz Today! Comment below with your opinions on this video! An important element in getting through difficult times in a relationship, especially difficult disagreements, is time and perseverance. You know, there is almost no conflict that can survive against Read More

[Short] Prevent resentment in 30 seconds or less with this simple tactic

Take my Nice Guy Quiz to learn how to replace people pleasing with powerful confidence and authenticity: >> Click Here to Take The Quiz Today! Comment below with your opinions on this video! You know, it’s almost impossible to have resentment towards someone for their behavior if you react in a way that you’re proud of. So however it is that someone Read More

How to confront your wife about small issues if you’re a Nice Guy [The Integrity Army]

Wanna escape Nice Guy Syndrome and become a confident authentic man? Take my social confidence quiz now to receive free advanced content: Comment below with your opinions! This video is a sample from The Integrity Army group coaching led by Dan Munro. It showcases live 1:1 coaching of a man with Nice Guy Syndrome (sometimes known as People pleasing Read More

Why Do We Get Angry About Being Misunderstood?

If you enjoyed this video, check out more of my work, links, posts and contact details – including my FREE group coaching, here:   Full transcript Hello again, welcome back to Ask Dan anything. Today we have a question from Emma, and very epic one. She asked What about the need to feel understood? She says, I know that I experienced Read More

[Short] The secret to managing manipulation from a narcissist

Want FREE ACCESS to my $200 Nice Guy Recovery online training course? Just fill out this quick 5min survey and I’ll send you access immediately!     The secret to managing all manipulation, be it from a narcissist or anyone else, is understanding the core motive. All manipulation is designed to do one specific thing: cause you to feel a certain emotion that’s Read More

[Short] The “Small But Significant” Method for Boosting Confidence

Are you a Nice Guy or People Pleaser? Do you want to become more socially confident and authentic? Fill out this quick survey and I’ll give you personal practical feedback on how to become a Man of Integrity this year!     There’s a key little phrase that I tell my clients all the time: “Small, but significant”. Now your brain will try to urge you to do big things all the Read More


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