Respect relationships with an STD check

A client of mine went through with the very uncomfortable act of getting an STD check. Nobody likes doing that do they? He didn’t have any symptoms or anything, but he had started seeing a new girl and he wanted to get a check, both out of respect to her and because it was an act of courage for himself. Read More

Why Nice Guys suck at break ups

Many of my nice guy clients have had horrible breakups and divorces. One of the main reasons for this is not only that they are terrible in relationships due to nice guy syndrome, but they’re also terrible ending things. Where they really struggle is the inability to negotiate for their own best interests. See what a nice guy doesn’t realize Read More

7 Core Values for Personal Relationships

With divorce rates going above 50% internationally, it seems that people are having a hard time making relationships last. Yet I’ve found in my work with clients over the last decade – findings that are validated by scientific studies around successful relationships – that there are certain core values that prevent relationships from deteriorating. While some relationships never should have Read More

When you feel no attraction for your date

A client of mine just flicked through a quick message. He says, I met a girl, we had a great chat, but I don’t have attraction 1. Is it okay to mention that? and, 2. is it okay not to get her number? In other words, what do you do next when you’ve met someone new but realised you don’t Read More

How to change your relationship without drama

While ending a relationship is pretty difficult, it’s at least straightforward. There’s no negotiation. You’re just delivering bad news. As my coaching client recently experienced, changing a relationship to better suit your preferences as a harder transition. In his case, she clearly wants more intimacy and commitment than he’s currently willing to give. But he wants to maintain a relationship Read More

Can relationships be fixed?

Can relationships be fixed? Let’s have a look at relationships that have gone sour. I’m speaking particularly to people who are in one right now and struggling with it, or want to understand a recent breakup. I’ll try to be honest with you about what can be salvaged and what just needs to come to an end. Relationships can be hard, Read More

Relationships vs Marriage: What’s the difference?

Long term relationships and marriages have a lot in common. But the ring does do something, so in today’s video we’ll talk a bit about that for those of you considering marriage, or those of you in a marriage wondering why is it different than when you were dating. And what we’re going to be talking about a lot here Read More

How relationships work for the best possible connection

In this video we’ll break down what a “good” relationship looks like, and what you’d need to do to create one. Some of the topics we look at: Are relationships worth it? Harvard happiness study implications for relationships. Good relationship principles. Are relationships supposed to be hard? If there’s no conflict, you got a problem. Weeding the garden, there should Read More

How to fix Nice Guy relationships

A relationship is a romantic partnership where two people have explicitly crossed the line from dating/friendship into committed partnership, e.g. girlfriend, wife. This is different from attraction and connection – relationships really mean the introduction of boundaries. And relationships exist on a sliding scale from healthy to abusive. The issue for nice guys is that the relationship is often poorly Read More

Relationships for Dummies: Nice Guy marriage and relationship tips

We’re going to look at relationships and how these are affected by nice guy syndrome. We’ll explore how relationships are different for nice guys and what the unique challenges are. We’ll look at what makes a great relationship work, as well as what causes toxic relationships and divorces. We’ll compare long term relationships with marriage. We’ll explore the specific issues Read More

Attachment Styles Explained: How Your Childhood Impacts Your Adult Relationships

Guest post by Cameron Staudacher, Presented by BetterHelp.   Did you know scientists believe how you bond with parents or caregivers as a child influences how you form interpersonal attachments as an adult? Attachment theory asserts that the manner in which you were raised and how close you were to the people raising you might be among the most significant factors Read More

How to deal with Retroactive Jealousy as a Nice Guy

Retroactive Jealousy (RJ) has become a well-known term recently, as more people become aware of the fact that their painful and obsessive jealousy about their partner’s sexual and romantic history is something beyond regular envy. Retroactive Jealousy is so debilitating and painful that it qualifies as a mental illness on it’s own, very similar to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). In this Read More


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