Letting People Love You

Become a confident beast with my Shamelessness course on Udemy: While I get a lot people seeking help with fear of rejection and dating skills etc., I’ve come to realise that the REAL problem people have is actually about allowing others to get close. People with avoidant attachment styles and low self worth often struggle to allow intimacy to Read More

Should we break up to save our relationship?

When a relationship hits the rocks, the issue of breaking up or getting divorced becomes one of the solutions to consider, and for some people the main solution. There is also the question of whether a short, possibly temporary break up might be the way to bring the relationship or marriage back together when you’re not really sure why the Read More

How to Confront and Deal with TOXIC Parents

There are certain people in your life that need to be confronted for their manipulation, narcissism, criticism, discouragement and negativity. But what about when these people are your parents or loved ones you can’t say No to spending time with? With my Acceptance Invitation, you can confront even the most toxic parents in a respectful yet firm way to possibly Read More

American Murder: why Nice Guys need to STOP people pleasing

The Netflix documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door perfectly demonstrates the darkness and rage that lies in the heart of every people-pleasing Nice Guy. Let’s talk about how to manage anger more safely. Treat yourself to a copy of Dan Munro’s new book “THE NAKED TRUTH: Using Powerful Honesty to Enhance Your Confidence, Connections and Integrity” In the Read More

How to find the one and get a girlfriend

I know: trying to find the ideal partner through dating and standard fake techniques is frustrating and mostly unsuccessful. In this video we talk about how to get a girlfriend or boyfriend by just being yourself and expressing yourself honestly. Most people want seduction tips and advice on how to get a girlfriend or boyfriend without having to be uncomfortably Read More

It’s time to stop blaming your parents

Do you have ‘bad parents’? Many people think they have had the worst parents ever, and sometimes they’re actually right about that. Having abusive parents can lead to suffering from a very bad childhood. As we grow up, the damage we get from this affects us every day. We all have a tendency to blame our inadequacies and faults on Read More

How to Deal With Criticism and Negative Feedback Confidently

Few people are able to deal with criticism in a confident way. Most people either eact defensively, or get guilty and their self-worth plummets. In this video, we explore how to be more confident when getting negative feedback. If you can’t learn how to take negative feedback, you’re going to find yourself trapped in a fight-flight response every time someone Read More

Still single? Don’t worry about it…

Watch the video above, or read the written version below Now if you’re like most people, you’ve been raised with a very simple, ingrained belief that you barely ever question: “It’s better to be in a relationship than it is to be single.” Some of you have since changed this belief to the opposite: that it’s better to be single Read More

Are “high standards” preventing you from finding love?

Watch the video above, or read the blog version below Many of you consider yourselves to have “high standards” socially. But if this is keeping you chronically single, there might be something darker happening underneath the surface. I was running what are called ‘boot camps’, where I take people out onto the street to meet strangers and teach them how Read More

MGTOW review

Watch the video above or read the transcript below Note: most of the information about MGTOW in this post comes from the website Today we’re going to be talking about Men Going Their Own Way – or MGTOW, as it’s commonly referred to. I figured it was important for me to investigate this movement/philosophy to understand it a bit Read More

Stop People-pleasing! How Self-Sacrifice is Killing You

Watch the video above or read the transcript below People-pleasers pride themselves on self-sacrifice. They see themselves as noble – the cure to all the selfishness out there. But unfortunately, they are majorly deluded. Self-sacrifice is where you put your own needs aside and prioritize the needs, wants and desires of others. It’s where you hurt yourself to help others. Read More

Covert Contracts: The Relationship Killer

Watch the video above or read the transcript below A ‘covert contract’ is a death sentence that destroys the health of any relationship. I first heard the term coined by Dr. Robert Glover in his book No More Mr. Nice Guy. I’m not sure if he’s the one who made it up or not, but I’ll give him credit for Read More


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