Why we’re so uncomfortable with boredom

Some of my earliest memories include being uncomfortable with boredom. I would whine and complain to my mother than I had “nothing to do”. She would suggest things like drawing or playing outside, and I would resist these ideas without exception. It’s like I felt the need to do something yet simultaneously didn’t want to do anything. Back then I Read More

What is Hostile Attribution Bias? (Why you think people are always trying to hurt you)

If you enjoyed this video, you can buy me a beer to support my work! Hostile attribution bias is the official term for assuming that someone has a malicious intent. It means when somebody does something that you don’t like or that you disprefer, you assume that they kind of meant to hurt you that they were trying and Read More

So you had a “bad day”?

Nearly everyone has bad days… or claims to. In this video: – we challenge the notion that causes people to dismiss entire days as a loss – question words like bad, shit, worst… – look into the idea that an entire 24 hours has been ruined and can be dismissed as worthless – two concepts to challenge: bad and day Read More

How often do you lie to YOURSELF?

Daily Dose of Integrity One of the most painful realizations I’ve had in my life is coming to terms with how often I’ve lied to myself. It was hard enough to come to terms with how much I lied to other people. My people pleasing. My nice guy act. It was all bullshit. I was basically conning people into thinking Read More

7 signs that you’re secretly an atheist

This article isn’t actually specific to religion, or challenging religious beliefs. Rather, it uses the example of Christianity to help you think more critically about what your behaviour tells you about your subconscious beliefs. There are two types of beliefs that we’re exploring here. The beliefs you think you have, made up of thoughts in your mind and claims you Read More

You don’t have psychic powers

You might have never realized this before, but you believe that you are psychic. You think that you can control the world with your mind. Right about now, you should be disagreeing with me, unless you’re insane. But the fact is, you probably spend a huge portion of your time trying to solve problems inside your head. Not taking action, Read More

Is being too emotionally sensitive a problem?

A common “symptom” of psychological conditions like ADHD, autism, and Nice Guy Syndrome / People Pleasing Syndrome is being “too sensitive”. For me, I found out far too late in life that I’m a “highly sensitive person”, a term referring to someone who’s nervous system seems to be more reactive than most others. It took me a long time to Read More

Finding meaning without religion

I’m seeing an unexpected surge in religious uptake these days. It seems like there’s been a counter-reaction to the recent wave of atheist commentary, whereby people originally lost faith and then came back stronger than ever. I get it. In a world that is increasingly becoming more divided, where everyone at the top seems greedy and psychopathic, and no one Read More

[Short] Stop falling for this social media lie

This almost seems too obvious, like there’s no point in me saying it. But seeing how much suffering there is out there, maybe I do need to say it. When you go onto social media, you are not seeing people’s real lives! You’re not even seeing anything close to it. And in fact, the more positivity you see on somebody’s Read More

[Short] Do you suffer from the fear of being noticed?

There’s a kind of superstition that you’ll see often in people, maybe even in yourself, where you don’t want to try too hard to achieve something great. You don’t want to celebrate something, you don’t want to hope for something in the future. Because it feels like you’re tempting the Gods, like you’re provoking Fate. It’s a semi-conscious belief that Read More

The Value of Curiosity

Using the Explore Phase of the 3X Model – the value of curiosity explained.

How to Manage Being Judgmental

We are all judgmental, it’s wired into our basic cognition. However, sometimes it’s helpful (like choosing your breakfast) and other times it’s not (like ignoring someone who could be a great friend). For more support, contact Dan at to inquire about coaching and other resources.   Full transcript (unedited) excellent alrighty welcome along III in whoever else shows up Read More


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