Set Boundaries with Family: Navigate Challenging Dynamics

Set Boundaries with Family: Navigate Challenging Dynamics Dan Munro discusses the challenges of setting boundaries with family members, particularly those affected by childhood trauma and the sunk cost fallacy. He emphasizes the importance of setting clear boundaries, treating difficult family members with respect and acceptance, and prioritizing one’s own well-being when dealing with unhealthy family dynamics. Munro provides strategies for Read More

10 Mistakes New Coaches and Entrepreneurs Make When Starting Their Business

My first couple of years as a coach were pretty tough. I only made it through because I’m a natural action-taker and pretty much fearless around rejection. I had no business background, a tiny network, and zero understanding of what the hell I was doing. But somehow I’ve lasted 10 years in this game. Even so, most of my time Read More

Pt 2: Most Important Actions

Enjoy this 7 part series on Advanced Time Management! Most Important Actions This one is a killer! If you’re already familiar with the Pareto 80/20 principle, then you’ll know that all actions are not equal. A few actions do most of the work, while a vast majority are simply a waste of time. In your work, for example, you were Read More

Pt 1: Most Valued Actions

Enjoy this 7 part series on Advanced Time Management! Starting the list Write a list of every single activity you do on a normal weekday. Yes, everything! This includes more than just the basic work tasks, but also the personal stuff. From picking your kid up from daycare through to washing the dishes, checking emails without answering them, and scrolling Read More

Are you dragged into a conversation?

A client of mine was really frustrated the other day. He was trying to leave work to spend time with his son, and he was – as he put it – “dragged” into a conversation he didn’t want to have with a coworker who asked him a question on the way out the door. As we explored it, I kept Read More

What’s the point in worrying?

I noticed something with a client of mine (and in my own life) about worrying, and that is if I’m worrying about something then I must have a deeper belief that worrying is somehow a good idea, that it’s helpful. I’ve realized working with clients that so many people have this belief because they make no attempt to challenge their Read More

Punishment doesn’t enforce boundaries

A lot of people confuse enforcing a boundary with punishment. Most people’s boundaries fail for 3 main reasons: they don’t set them (e.g. covert contracts and people pleasing) they think telling the person again counts as enforcing the boundary (it only weakens it) they think punishing the other person will motivate them to behave better You can go look at Read More

How to deal with your reputation being attacked

A new client of mine is going through what I call “the transition phase”, where you move from a dishonest life to an honest one, and you have to dismantle the old life by telling everyone the truth and revealing the secrets you’ve been keeping and so on. I won’t share the personal details, but he came clean with someone Read More

Don’t Let People Rush You

One of the sneaky tricks people are often going to use to manipulate you is creating a false sense of urgency. This happens a lot in marketing, like, “For a limited time only” and so on. Or somebody just saying, “Quick, what do you think we should do?” or at the last minute someone throwing a new curveball that you Read More

Starting a coaching or service business: Plan for the first 90 days

I’m writing this to help a client of mine test his personal training business idea, but figured I might as well share it for anyone else getting started. This is as simple as it can get when it comes to starting a service-based business, like being a coach, consultant, therapist, masseuse, personal trainer, financial advisor, nutritionist, web designer etc. This Read More

How my most successful clients get the most from their coaching

This is for my coaching clients, though it might helpful to anyone out there who has hired a mentor or coach and wants to get their money’s worth. Most coaching has the potential to be beneficial, but not everyone gets the same value from their experiences. At any given workshop or group event, a small percentage of attendees will report Read More

Advanced Time Management Strategies

To-do lists and calendar bookings and phone reminders are all well and good, but have you ever wondered how to truly optimize the tiny amount of time you have in this life? Have you ever wondered how people like Elon Musk and Beyonce get so much more accomplished than everyone else with the same amount of time and physical constraints? This Read More


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