Group Dynamics: Introvert vs Extrovert

If you’re the introverted type, you probably struggle in group situations. You might find that you kind of retreat into the background. Introverts generally struggle either because they need time to think through what they’re going to say, or they’re shy and worried about being judged. So as an extrovert, I want to give you some tips for managing group Read More

10 Limiting Beliefs Examples that Destroy Your Confidence

This is an excerpt from my course: Frame Control – Powerful Perspectives for Greater Confidence In this video, I’ll explore 10 limiting beliefs – or “unhelpful frames” – that I’ve noticed in 10+ years of coaching are correlated with low self confidence. I’ll discuss the dangers of society’s obsession with constant achievements amd blind obedience to authority, which can lead Read More

The invisible force behind bad decision making

An invisible mistake we often make in our lives is to subconsciously assume that we come to any decision from a neutral place. Have you noticed that? We feel like we start with kind of no decision. But that’s not the case at all. We are always predetermined in a certain direction. We come into new decisions with the weight Read More

I’ve relapsed into people-pleasing… again!

If you show a cocaine addict – who’s been clean for 20 years – a picture of white powder, the pleasure centres in his brain will explode into activity. Even after decades, his brain is still like, “Wooooo fuck yeah! Cocaine is awesome! I want some right now!!!” During a conflict with my wife the other day, I noticed a Read More

How a psychopath views criticism

I recently finished an interview with a psychopath – Jackson “Jack the Ripper” Noble – which I’ll be publishing soon. He’s a transparent and honest psychopath – not for moral reasons, but because it works well for him! It was a fascinating discussion that I can’t wait to share with the world. Two topics that we explored in particular were Read More

Confidence Advice from a Psychopath: Jackson Noble on Overcoming Self Doubt

Dan Munro and self-aware psychopath Jackson Noble (a.k.a. “Jack the Ripper”) engage in a thought-provoking discussion on various aspects of psychopathy, including its stigmatized association with criminality, the diversity of human personality traits, and the potential benefits of possessing psychopathic traits in certain contexts. They also share their personal experiences with childhood trauma, moral codes, self-confidence building, love, parenthood, trust, Read More

How to Blast Through Bad Reactions From Other People

This is an excerpt from my Shamelessness course, join the free Brojo Integrity Army community on Skool to get access. If you want to be shameless and confront other people, you need to be prepared to handle bad reactions. When I say bad reaction, I mean any kind of reaction that you have an unpleasant emotional response to. This usually Read More

It’s my 11 year anniversary!

About 11 years ago, I launched my coaching business! I can’t believe I’ve survived this long, frankly. But it’s thanks to all of you – I never forget that I’d be back doing something I’m less than thrilled with if it wasn’t for my clients and audience supporters. As always, I like to celebrate my anniversary with the ritual sacrifice Read More

People Pleasing vs Selling a Car

A client of mine was trying to sell his car and so he took the person he was selling it to for a test drive. This person just talked his ear off the whole time, she wouldn’t respect him or reciprocate or anything like that. Just blasted him with noise the whole time. And he kind of sat there and Read More

Self Sabotage Behavior: Why Failure Happens

One thing you’ll notice if you watch top level sports games – as some of you might have done recently ⚽ – and you understand the sport well, you’ll see in high level competition it’s not that one team wins, it’s that the other team loses. If, for example, two top-seed tennis players are against each other, you’ll notice the Read More

Life is unfair… and it’s ok

A few years ago I was waiting for a flight and it got delayed. We were stuck in the little waiting area, and I noticed a whole bunch of people around me complaining. I thought it was odd. What’s complaining going to do? I asked. How can you make a plane ready to fly by whingeing about it? Then I Read More

The most successful gurus are all insane!

My favourite business guru is Alex Hormozi. I’ve never in 10 years as an entrepreneur seen more value come from one person. I wholeheartedly recommend any business owner follow Hormozi’s advice. However… Here are some of the things I’ve seen him talk about in his content: vacations are a waste of time he feels “deprived” making “only” $250 million per Read More


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