10 Mistakes New Coaches and Entrepreneurs Make When Starting Their Business

My first couple of years as a coach were pretty tough. I only made it through because I’m a natural action-taker and pretty much fearless around rejection. I had no business background, a tiny network, and zero understanding of what the hell I was doing. But somehow I’ve lasted 10 years in this game. Even so, most of my time Read More

Starting a coaching or service business: Plan for the first 90 days

I’m writing this to help a client of mine test his personal training business idea, but figured I might as well share it for anyone else getting started. This is as simple as it can get when it comes to starting a service-based business, like being a coach, consultant, therapist, masseuse, personal trainer, financial advisor, nutritionist, web designer etc. This Read More

How my most successful clients get the most from their coaching

This is for my coaching clients, though it might helpful to anyone out there who has hired a mentor or coach and wants to get their money’s worth. Most coaching has the potential to be beneficial, but not everyone gets the same value from their experiences. At any given workshop or group event, a small percentage of attendees will report Read More

Wanna start a coaching business? Here’s some beginner tips

I’ve been coaching full time since 2013. It’s a hell of a mission. In my first year, I only made $25k. It wasn’t for about 5 years until I had clients coming to me without me needing to go find them. I’ve had some hard times for sure. The upside is that I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Very Read More

The Coaching Ponzi Scheme

I have to write this just to get it off my chest. As a coach, I have participated in many training programs and hired a number of different coaches for myself over the years. While I don’t regret most of these purchases, there are a few that left me feeling, well… off. Most of my early coaches had “other” clients, Read More

Who is Dan Munro?

WHO IS DAN MUNRO? TL/DR: I am a Confidence and Integrity Coach, and have been since 2013. Prior to that I worked in the Department of Corrections, rehabilitating criminal offenders and managing staff. I put out as much content as I can about building confidence and living with authenticity: I’ve written and published a number of books; I publish a Read More

I wanna give you $1,660

Massively Accelerate Your Confidence Growth This Year… OK, obviously the headline is a bit of an attention-grabber. But technically it’s true. No, I won’t be mailing you a check, but I do want to give you over $1,600 worth of my content and material. If you think building unbreakable self-confidence, mastery level social communication skills, and impressive dedication to integrity Read More

[Short] My 10 year coaching anniversary!

Get your Daily Dose of Integrity with my FREE newsletter here: Scroll to the bottom for your free gift! Sometime this week, I’m not sure exactly which day, I had my 10-year anniversary from the day that I started my coaching business way back when. I don’t want to do any big message with lessons and insights like I Read More

How to quit a toxic workplace when money problems make you procrastinate

Wanna escape Nice Guy Syndrome and become a confident authentic man? Take my social confidence quiz now to receive free advanced content >> Click Here to Take The Quiz Today! Comment below with your opinions on this! Watch live confidence coaching as Dan Munro works with Andy on his procrastination around finding a better job. In this video, we explore Read More

How to Start a Successful Service-based Business like Coaching

See video above for full webinar Podcast version: BROJO – Confidence and Integrity for Men! · Webinar – Starting A Service-Based Business   Webinar notes: ‍ How to choose a business to get started ·        Diff between product and service – real-time required to implement ·        What problem do you want to solve? ·        What would you do for free? Only do products Read More

We’re all lying about how happy we are

Take a good look at this picture: That’s me, second from the left, circa 2010 or something. Look at that smile. Look at the situation: covered in cute girls, surrounded by friends, having a jolly old time. It’s probably hard to believe that this picture was taken during the worst days of my life. Allow me to point out some Read More

The Integrity Army: Group coaching with Dan Munro!

I’m now running a monthly LIVE group-coaching session that are free, but exclusive to my Daily Dose of Integrity paid subscribers (and my current coaching clients). In these sessions, you can either participate in or just observe HOT SEAT COACHING – this is where I coach people 1:1 in front of the rest of the group.   We cover all topics Read More


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