[Short] Women: here’s how to get what you want from your man

Join The Integrity Army for free group coaching here There’s something I have to give my wife a lot of credit for and that is over the course of our relationship She’s learned slowly, but surely to ask for things directly instead of hinting and hoping that I’ll get the message. Not only am I a man but I’m Read More

[Short] Manipulation in relationships: When is ok to influence someone?

Manipulation is a weird concept because essentially, we’re always manipulating all the time. Everything we do has some intention, like socially speaking of changing another person’s Behavior. So we really have the question of what’s good manipulation and what’s bad manipulation, or should we say what’s helpful and what’s harmful? What’s ethical, what’s unethical? There are some key factors to Read More

[Short] Using a sandwich to boost your social skills

Take my Nice Guy Quiz to learn how to replace people pleasing with powerful confidence and authenticity: >> Click Here to Take The Quiz Today! Comment below with your opinions on this video! So, I used to be pretty much addicted to Subway sandwiches. And I used to go to the same shop, just down the road 3, 4, however many fucking Read More

IT Programmers and Socializing: How to Improve Communication Skills

TLDR: At the end of this post is a collection of my best practical resources for improving your communication skills, so you can just skip to that. But I recommend you read the rest of this article if you can find the time, because understanding what your issues are and why they happen will give you great insight into how Read More

How to stop running out of things to say with the 3X Model of Confident Conversations

If you enjoyed this video, check out more of my work, links, posts and contact details – including my FREE group coaching, here:   Full transcript Welcome back. Today we’re going to talk about how to have effortless endnless confident conversations. I’m going to show you the basic outline of the 3X Model, and how you can apply that to interacting Read More

[Short] “How do I deal with someone asking me too many questions?”

Do me a favour! Like/dislike, comment and share on YouTube to help promote my work (if you think it’s a good idea) If you enjoyed this video, you can buy me a beer to support my work! For more of my work, links, posts and contact details, this site has it all If you enjoyed this video, you can Read More

How to manage NARCISSISTS when they EXPLODE! The “Extinction” Tactic

Most people are afraid of confrontations for a simple reason: they fear that the other person will have a BAD reaction. Most of all, they’re afraid that the other person will explode – shout, threaten, accuse, humiliate and generally make things emotionally uncomfortable. In fact, there are some people, like psychopaths, Narcissistic personalities and other manipulators who use this fear Read More

For those who doubt me…

I’m torn when I get criticism.  On one hand, I don’t want to spend my time defending myself, especially when doing so goes against my principles and is not of any benefit to the people I’m trying to help. I resent myself for even being affected by this stuff. On the other hand, I don’t feel comfortable letting people disrespect Read More

Top 10 Communication Tips for Long Term Relationships

Communication issues are one of the top reasons for divorce and breakups. What breaks my heart as a coach is that I see very basic mistakes being made that don’t need to happen.  I see great connections being destroyed simply because the couple doesn’t have the skills to express their needs and set their boundaries. A break up should never Read More

Dealing with resistance – how to deal with stubborn clients and people

3X your confidence this year with my Masterclass In situations like coaching and therapy, you’re bound to be forced to deal with resistance, and sometimes even entirely resistance people who are too stubborn to transform and change in a helpful way. How to care for a client when they are resistant to coaching / counselling, to help them get past Read More

The problem with staying silent during a conflict

Build your confidence and connections with my Powerful Honesty course on Udemy Staying silent to avoid confrontation and conflict is not only cowardly, but harmful too. There’s nothing noble about keeping your mouth shut when you disagree or have negative feedback for someone, even if a bunch of ancient philosophies condone silence. Sure, there are unhealthy and unhelpful ways to Read More

Why texting kills relationships

Communicating by phone or in person is infinitely superior to text/message based communication, which is dangerous to relationships because it leads to misunderstandings and conflicts even between people who are well connected. Read More


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