The night I woke up in a cold sweat…

You know that thing where you wake up in the middle of the night in a cold anxious sweat with a sudden horrible realization about how you fucked up your life? That’s only happened to me once, but it was a doozy. It was sometime in my mid 20s. I’d been people pleasing and being a nice guy my whole Read More

Being Out Of Harm’s Way: Cautiousness Of Your Own Welfare

Guest post by FATJOE Publishing Photo by Edward Jenner:   Are you taking enough measures to keep yourself safe? Although you might know to lock your doors at night and know how to avoid insecurities in a relationship, there are plenty of other things you need to consider. What about online security? What about the safety of your assets? Read More

[Short] Burning off my wart: A lesson in self care

Get your Daily Dose of Integrity with my FREE newsletter here:   I had a wart burned off my finger yesterday, and I’m a “highly sensitive person” so it hurt like a mofo. It was pretty symbolic of what real self-care looks like. People often think of self-care as sitting around eating chips, watching Netflix, being comfortable and enjoying Read More

Gutless diary – my body transformation

I’ve signed up to the Gutless program run by my friend Bryce Anderson. It’s a challenging 8-week program designed to reduce weight and increase testosterone in men, particularly busy fathers struggling with dad bods. The following is my diary tracking the entire program. Starting stats: Gut measurement: 40.5″ Thigh: 22″ Bicep: 12.75″ Waist: 41″ Weight: 201lBs (91Kg) Starting pictures: Video Read More

Game Changers response – the integrity problem with eating animals

Watch the video about or read below What’s up folks? Before reading this, I recommend watching this video below to get a scientific critique of the Game Changers documentary, to ensure a balanced perspective on the health claims made: So I just wanted to reflect a little bit on the Game Changers documentary everyone’s been talking about. I saw it Read More

Everyone has a mental illness

One of the things I’ve noticed a lot of my line of work is how many people go about with untreated and unmanaged mental illness, simply because they’re ashamed of it. Today we’re going to talk a little bit about the prevalence of mental illness. In fact, I’ve got a theory that every single person on the planet has got Read More

Gaming Disorder: Video Game Obsession

Today’s question comes from a guy who wants some help with video games. This post/video is for guys and girls who play a lot of video games and they’re wondering whether or not it’s healthy to do so. It’s come up for a couple of my clients now and I want to address it. One of them has written through to me Read More

Do you REALLY know what you want?

In this video, we explore the hidden drives that control your behaviour, while you live under the illusion of what you think you want. Read More

11 Life Hacks to Improve Your Health

То hеlр уоu рrіоrіtіzе hеаlthу lіvіng, wе’vе рut tоgеthеr sеvеn еаsу lіfеstуlе hасks уоu саn wоrk іntо уоur оwn dаіlу rоutіnе tо kеер thrіvіng! Read More

How to Achieve Wellness While Living With Cancer

Guest post by Hazel Bridges A cancer diagnosis forces one to confront their own mortality, which can take a dramatic toll emotionally and psychologically. But living with this disease does not have to be a constant struggle as many patients, doctors and caregivers have found ways to alleviate the mental suffering, ultimately leading to a healthy state of mind and Read More


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