The Powerful Question That Overcomes Fear

The most common and discouraging questions you’ll ask yourself about any of your goals is, What if it doesn’t work? or, What if it goes wrong? These types of questions appear to be rational, a consideration of reasonable risks, but actually they come from your irrational fears, i.e. fears that do not align with any genuine danger. These questions are Read More

[Short] Why you keep forgetting your goals

One lesson I keep learning the hard way is that memory cannot be relied on when it comes to confidence and self development. I’ve got a little hypothesis about this, I dunno how scientifically accurate it is… The hippocampus and the amygdala are right next to each other in the brain. One controls memory and the other controls fear (simplistically Read More

[Short] The core reason why we’re afraid of rejection

Get your Daily Dose of Integrity with my FREE newsletter here: The fundamental belief at the heart of being afraid of rejection is taking it personally. It’s this idea that if someone doesn’t like me, as “proven” by their rejection, that is confirmation that there is something wrong with me. This is some sort of accurate, unbiased judgment, and Read More

[Short] How to know if your fear is irrational

Join my free group coaching program for confidence and integrity here: I know from experience, it can be really difficult to figure out whether your fear is rational or irrational. You know, whether you’re right to be afraid of this thing or if it’s just your insecurities and trauma and bullshit coming up. And one way to figure this Read More

The dangers of AI are human and will kill us all

Join The Integrity Army for free confidence and integrity coaching here Quick little rant: Imagine you have an AI robot slave. You tell it, “Go down to the local store and buy me a can of corn for my lunch.” Now, if you were to give this command to a functioning human being, the worst case scenario is that Read More

“Someday” – how delay is fear’s greatest weapon

As I’ve previous discussed in this podcast episode, fear controls us in the sneakiest of ways. Feeling “afraid” is actually relatively rare, as is “terror”. Even anxiety doesn’t occur to most people very noticeably or often. And yet fear is present in our lives throughout the day, every day, influencing nearly every decision and we’re barely aware of it’s existence. Today, Read More

Overcoming Your Fear of Rejection & Abandonment

Watch the video above, or read the transcript version below Today we’re going to be talking about something deep and dark: the fear of abandonment. This is the one fear to rule them all. It’s the secret fear underneath all of your problematic behavior in the social world and you’ve probably never even heard of it. What is the fear Read More

Fear of Success

Do you find yourself in a strange loop of self sabotage? In this video, we explore the secret barrier called the fear of success, and how it stops you more than fear of failure ever could. Read More

How to Reduce Anxiety and Manage Panic Attacks

Guest post by Sarah Fader from Anxiety has a tendency to take over our minds and bodies. It can come out of seemingly nowhere and cause you to feel out of control. Your hands begin to shake or your heart races and you feel like it will never end. Anxiety manifests differently in different people, but across the board, Read More

How to Stay Cool in High-Pressure Situations

THE RAPIST WAS ON THE LOOSE… Neill*, a serial kidnapper and potential rapist, had absconded from his Home Detention address. There was no GPS monitoring on his electronic ankle bracelet, so we had no idea where he’d gone. All we knew was what the forensic psychologist had warned us about when Neill was first released from prison – “If he Read More

Fear of Success – The Truth Behind Self-Sabotage

If you’re like me, and most other people, your worst enemy is yourself. Unfortunately, this isn’t always obvious. Sometimes, you’ll truly believe you are trying your best and doing everything you can to overcome whatever the current block is for you. Yet you repeatedly fail. It seems unlikely to you that you are sabotaging yourself, because you are trying so Read More


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