[Short] What’s happening with Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson??

Over the last year, I’ve experienced a kind of grief as a lot of the top people that I follow have kind of fallen from grace. People like Sam Harris and Jordan Peterson and some of my other role models. They seem to have gone down a weird path and are no longer speaking the truth that they seemed to Read More

Making it Easier to be Honest

Due to fear of social rejection and scarcity mindset, most of us lie often. Why people can’t be honest? Here's a simple strategy for easier honesty Read More

Giving Feedback Without Creating Enemies: Re-define Honesty

When I discuss the concept of complete honesty with people, most struggle with this the most when it comes to giving feedback. The frequency with which people tell lies is quite shocking when you step back and look at it. Every day most people tell hundreds of lies. They omit the truth or they blatantly say something with they do Read More


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