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What you need to know about coaching with Dan

Being "nice" isn't going all that well, is it?

You can’t honestly express what you think and especially what you feel which builds up into frustration, rage, and depression. You’re secretly thinking “One day I’ll go crazy and hurt someone I love, or get depressed and hurt myself.”

You keep putting other people’s feelings ahead of your needs and then getting mad at them for holding you back. You’ll end up lashing out at other people for your own lack of assertiveness.

There’s resentment and frustration in your relationship from broken communication, lack of love, and unsatisfying sex life. You’re concerned that you’ll end up divorcing or breaking up, and that you’ll always make this mistake in relationships and end up alone.

You’re avoiding conflict, frustrated with not standing up for yourself and letting people disrespect you, and not maintaining boundaries even when you set them, always trying to keep the peace rather than speak my mind. You suspect that you’ll end up having a reputation as a loser that people can push around and never respect yourself or feel confident.

You’re worried about letting people down and disappointing them, wanting them to think of you as a good person and wishing you just didn’t care so much what they think all the time. You’re sick of the stress and anxiety all the time and mad at yourself for caring about people who don’t matter.

You’re sacrificing your interests and desires and needs to take care of other people, getting burned out and unsatisfied with life.

Your job pays ok but feels like an unsatisfying compromise to provide for the family. You think you’ll end up doing something you hate forever and regret it on your deathbed.

You’re sick of people-pleasing but scared to stop doing it because you think people will get upset, stop liking you, and ruin your reputation, You’re afraid of being seen as a “bad” guy, but concerned that you’ll lose who you are to please others (and no one benefits anyway).

You procrastinate on important things and yet feel stressed with being too busy. You know that you’re missing out on opportunities and not enjoying life.

You probably don’t have close, genuine guy friends, and aren’t even sure how to start a friendship with another man as an adult. You’re hoping you don’t end up alone and desperate if your partner leaves you, plus with no healthy male influences, you’ll end up too passive, weak or feminine.


An example of Dan's coaching:


See for yourself…


You gotta be someone who want these results and is willing to work for them:

  • Speak your mind on the spot boldly every time without ruining your life or my relationships
  • Have the power and courage to push through emotionally difficult times and situations
  • Be an excellent, confident and charismatic communicator
  • Become a man of integrity who is admired by others and acts as a role model for young men
  • Create and build an incredibly deep partner-in-crime relationship with an amazing woman with whom I can totally be myself and we support each other’s dreams
  • Be able to manage my behaviour with discipline and motivate myself to maintain good habits
  • Be sure of who you are, what you want, and what you stand for – solid as a rock, grounded, calm and confident
  • Comfortable and lovingly dominant in all social situations, even able to help others feel included and be more comfortable – a social leader


I specialise in helping good people who have a tendency to hold themselves back due to social fears. If you’re a people-pleaser, or you find yourself moderating how you speak and act in front of others, then I’m your man. I help people like you become assertive, confident and honest, without being dragged under worrying what other people will think. If you think it’s time you became a leader, both in your life and the outside world, let’s talk.


I can’t help people who

  • Are all talk and no action
  • Believe there is a quick-fix, and who are not open to real efforts
  • Are flaky, unwilling to give something a real go
  • Are unwilling to leave their comfort zone.


You don’t need to know ‘how’ to live differently, I only require that you be willing to try new things. You’ll need to accept responsibility for your life if you want my coaching to work for you – people who shift the blame without taking responsibility will not benefit from coaching.

what people say about dan's coaching

Here's what you get from coaching with dan

How to know that you’re doing the right things to building confidence and stop making the hidden mistakes that your limiting beliefs cause you to make…

How to build courage in a practical real-life way, at a level you can always handle that is never too much, so that your social anxiety decreases over time in a comfortable, no pressure way…

How to be assertive, demand respect, and stand up for yourself and express yourself honestly without severely risking your job, your relationship and your reputation…

How to maintain the motivation and energy to keep making these changes without giving up or losing interest…

How to effectively deal with resistance from your partner, friends and family to the changes you’re making…

How to guarantee you make the most of the investment of money and time so that by the end of it you think it was a bargain that got results quicker than you expected…

How to make sure that your changes stick and you don’t relapse into the old you when things get tough or when you start getting good results…

Full coaching session example:

Zero risk guarantee

The scary thing about coaching is the investment, not just money but time and effort.

You’ll be worried that I’m full of shit. Or maybe you’ve tried and failed at things in the past and you’re worried you won’t get your money’s worth and waste a lot of time.

Let’s take all that risk away!

If after your first month of coaching you’re even a tiny bit unsatisfied with how it’s going, or you don’t feel like you’re already making massive progress, I will give you all your money back. No questions. No hassles. No delay.

Even if the problem is that YOU didn’t do the work, I’ll still take responsibility for the lack of results. As far as I’m concerned, coaching with me should feel like you’re getting an incredibly good deal.

On top of that, if at any time during our coaching relationship you feel that even a single session wasn’t up to standard, I’ll refund your most recent month’s payment in full – even if we keep working together!

I stand by the quality of my service. By my calculation, about 98% of my coaching clients have been fully satisfied. The few that weren’t got their money back.


FREE intro session with no obligation

I offer full introductory coaching sessions for FREE with no obligation, so you can try before you buy. I don’t assume we’re a good fit, I test it. If we’re not, then that’s ok. I don’t charge for my time; I charge for the impact it has on your life. Everyone else offers 20min ‘consultations’ so they can just give you the big sales pitch. I won’t put any pressure on you, we’ll simply explore together and see if it’s the right way forward for both of us.

I've completed the full journey myself

From being completely stuck in a rut, lost and severely lacking in self-confidence, through to having unbreakable self-worth and self-belief from living my purpose, and just terrible with women!. I have been through all the setbacks and heartaches, taken risks, and come out alive on the other side, including becoming a successful entrepreneur, husband and father. Others claim to be experts without having walked the painful journey themselves.

Ive had extensive expert training

I've invested over $150K in my own development as a coach, including ACT, CBT, Motivational Interviewing Techniques, managing manipulation training and more (I'm not even counting my degree in psychology). Plus I spent years rehabilitating hardened criminal offenders - successfully! Your issues are like child's play compared to that shit.

I will not work with just anyone

This is not just about money for me. I am looking to work with people who want to have a positive impact on the world, good people who are held back by nice guy syndrome and would serve the world better as a confident and masculine leader.

What coaching with Dan is like:


Here’s what happened to my clients (all of these results happened between in an average of about 3 months)…



Derek H

Went from being a complete pushover to initiating powerful confrontations in front of groups of high status guys within a few weeks of coaching



Ash D

Was stuck in corporate comfort trap and then found the courage to quit and travel the country in a van, meet new people and initiate conversations, and create a lifestyle that suited his love of outdoors and self-development.




Simon C

Went from hopeless incel virgin to being married to his dream woman and becoming loving father of his first daughter, moving to the other side of the world, standing up for himself consistently, and find his own philosophy.



Tim P

Went from sexually ashamed people pleasing husband to bold, honest and exciting, and developed to become a leader at his work who can stand up to the CEO without blinking.



Vince M

Was stuck in corporate hell job, smoking weed every day and avoiding a social life, to quitting both his job and weed, starting his own pop-up restaurant, and dating girls he met out in public.



Ian B

Was commitment phobic and unsure of himself, he’s now running his own self-made business doing what he loves while maintaining a healthy long term relationship with an amazing woman.



Hans B

Nice Guy desperately trying to manage his partner and sacrificing his talent to make money, is now an independent self-published EDM DJ, in a new relationship that’s open, honest and respectful.



Mahran S

Once a quiet introvert with no romantic experience, now married to the woman of his dreams and able to hold his own in any company.


Coaching is for people who want to accelerate the growth they’re already working on. If you’re already trying to make your life better, and you’d like the progress to go much quicker, it’s time for coaching. If you haven’t tried to do anything on your own yet, try that first and then consider coaching.

Dan will explore the barriers you’re currently facing – what stands in between who you are now and who you wish you were. You will be shown how to break through this barrier, while also understanding what psychological processes created it in the first place. Finally, you will set a homework task for yourself to engage in a new behaviour that is better aligned with who you wish you were.

Dan won’t let financial restrictions get in the way of your ability to build confidence. Dan has flexible no-fee payment plans to suit any budget, and there is even group-coaching available where you can share the price by sharing the coaching with other people just like you.

Dan does a free initial coaching session with anyone who completes the application to a satisfactory level. Dan knows you won’t be sure he’s the right coach for you until you’ve experienced his coaching personally. The first session is no different to a session a high-paying client would receive, and there’s no sales-pitch at the end. You simply choose for yourself (if Dan also wants to work with you – he’ll let you know).

Why is coaching so "expensive"?



$ 500
/ Monthly
  • Monthly 1:1 sessions
  • Invitation to monthly Integrity Army Group Coaching session
  • Call recordings saved and accessible for life
  • Free access to all online courses while engaged in coaching
  • One of Dan's books free (your choice)


$ 1,600
/ Monthly
  • Weekly 1:1 Confidence Coaching sessions with Dan Munro
  • Call recordings saved and accessible for life
  • Lifetime access to all online courses for free
  • Invitation to monthly Integrity Army Group Coaching session
  • Text and email support between sessions
  • Free copies of all of Dan's books


$ 900
/ Monthly
  • 1x Confidence Coaching session with Dan Munro every two weeks
  • Call recordings saved and accessible for life
  • Lifetime access to all online courses for free
  • Invitation to monthly Integrity Army Group Coaching session
  • Email support between sessions
  • Free copies of all of Dan's books


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No more people-pleasing, Nice Guy Syndrome, or confidence issues.

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