How to be platonic friends with a hot girl

Join The Integrity Army for free group coaching here One of the most awkward relationships is a friendship between two people when one is attracted to the other romantically or sexually. Due to stigma about the “friendzone”, most men shy away from this kind of friendship or from being honest about their feelings. There’s a healthy way to do Read More

How to socialize like a confident person: the “Master of The House” attitude

Join The Integrity Army for free confidence and integrity coaching here Not giving a fuck My social life transformed from an exhausting and anxiety-provoking people-pleasing chore into an effortless carefree experience when I discovered a huge paradigm shift. Essentially, I discovered what it truly means to “not give a fuck what other people think of you”. When most people Read More

[Short] Both Introverts AND Extroverts Can Suffer from Socially Anxiety

Take my Nice Guy Quiz to learn how to replace people pleasing with powerful confidence and authenticity: >> Click Here to Take The Quiz Today! Comment below with your opinions on this video! Both the extroverts and introverts can be socially anxious. See introversion and extraversion are personality traits. They’ve got nothing to do with self-confidence in any objective correlation or fashion. Read More

Do your friends put you down?

Ever have a friend put you down and you don’t know why??? I had a great discussion yesterday with a high-achieving guy who has a friend that is completely lacking in ambition (let’s call him Mr X). Mr X will always use snide comments and insults to put high-achievers down. These are hidden inside humour, like he’s trying to come Read More

[Short] How to deal with friends who make fun of you

If you enjoyed this video, check out more of my work, links, posts and contact details – including my FREE group coaching, here:     A Brojo member asked me, how do you deal with friends who make fun of you? Now there’s a couple of things you can do. One is you can give it back, and the other is Read More

[Short] The boldest tactic for building a social circle and love life

Want FREE ACCESS to my $200 Nice Guy Recovery online training course? Just fill out this quick 5min survey and I’ll send you access immediately!     The number one thing you can do to build your Social Circle and you’re dating and love life simultaneously, If you only want to focus on a single action, tell people how you feel about them. Read More

[Short] The sad truth about bullying victims

Are you a Nice Guy or People Pleaser? Do you want to become more socially confident and authentic? Fill out this quick survey and I’ll give you personal practical feedback on how to become a Man of Integrity this year! I saw a lot of kids bullied when I was younger. I even participated in being a bully on one Read More

[Short] Why People Pleasers get nervous in group conversations

If you enjoyed this video, you can buy me a beer to support my work! Do me a favour! Like/dislike, comment and share on YouTube to help promote my work (if you think it’s a good idea) If you enjoyed this video, you can buy me a beer to support my work! For more of my work, links, posts and Read More

Why You Find Other People Too Boring

  Build better connections with my Powerful Honesty course Do you struggle to connect with people because you rarely find them interesting? Or perhaps you struggle to pay attention while speaking when you’re nervous or unsure of yourself? People may not be as boring as you think they are, in this video we explore the real reason behind this problem. Read More

How to stop taking things personally

Accelerate your social and love life with my Overcoming Fear of Rejection course on Udemy Taking something personally means to assume that a critical piece of feedback or an offensive opinion is somehow directly relevant to you, and presents a threat that you need to defend yourself against. Taking it personally is probably the #1 cause of conflict in relationships, Read More

How to make new guy friends

One of the biggest struggles we see in the BROJO community is adult men trying to find other guy friends. There is absolutely no training or support with this, and most guys don’t know where to start. So if you’ve moved to a new city, or simply never really had any truly masculine male friends, this video will break down Read More

Watch out for Agent Smith

As per the Matrix, Agent Smith is waiting around every corner to prevent you from breaking free. In this video, I rant about how even your closest friends and family might suddenly and inexplicably turn against you and discourage you from doing what’s best for you. Dan’s Top Resources The Naked Truth: Using Shameless Honesty to Enhance Your Confidence, Connections Read More


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