Afraid of being too sexy??

I had a client say that he was afraid of being sexy! This might sound a little ridiculous on the surface, but he’s actually expressing a fairly common fear: that you will mistakenly lead someone on by attracting them and causing them to feel interested in you against your will. They will then develop feelings for you without your encouragement, Read More

Kanye West demonstrates shamelessness

Daily Dose of Integrity A client of mine recently showed me a video of Kanye West being interviewed. Ye was asked a question, and he sort of went into a deep pause before responding. Immediately, the interviewers jumped on it. Do you need me to say the question again? Should we take a break and come back to it? They Read More

[Short] The vicious “I’m not good enough” circle

“I’m not good enough” is a narrative that takes effects nearly everyone. It’s our best kept secret. It takes many forms and hides in various ways. From comparing yourself to people you’ve carefully picked to ensure they are “better” than you, through to punishing yourself for feeling normal human emotions, there are many ways we convince ourselves that we’re not Read More


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