[Short] We’re not as divided as They say we are

There’s a little something that the politicians and the media don’t really want you to know, and that is: If you sat down and just had a conversation with anyone that you think is on the “other team”, anyone you think you disagree with, and you just chilled and had a beer with them and talked about your different beliefs Read More

Roe vs Wade: The real problem

Rant.. The main reason the big issues never get resolved is because each side refuses to have empathy for the other. In the latest – the Roe v Wade abortion snafu in USA – it’s pretty clear that whoever feels strongly about this doesn’t give 2 shits about why the other side also feels strongly. They just make ungenerous assumptions Read More

Are all world leaders psychopathic?

In brief: this article argues the case that all world leaders are unfit to rule us due to being highly psychopathic – whether this is natural or learned – focusing in particular on one who most people would never consider: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Is Putin really worse than the others? I recently wrote a post about Vladimir Read More


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