Valued Living

I wanted to do a quick post to clarify what it means to live by your core values, what we’ll call “Valued Living”. Valued Living is essentially the same thing has having consistent integrity. It means that your actions, and the intentions behind them, regularly align with your core values. Core Values are your principles; your moral code; the type Read More

Finding meaning without religion

I’m seeing an unexpected surge in religious uptake these days. It seems like there’s been a counter-reaction to the recent wave of atheist commentary, whereby people originally lost faith and then came back stronger than ever. I get it. In a world that is increasingly becoming more divided, where everyone at the top seems greedy and psychopathic, and no one Read More

Integrity vs Neediness

In confidence coaching sessions, we often talk about the difference between making it happen and letting it happen. This is at the centre of the difference between acting needy and acting with integrity. If you think of things in terms of cause and effect – e.g. I’m going to go and have a conversation with someone, so I am the Read More

Don’t like honesty? Stop following this blog!

So I had a dude hassling me in the comments section the other day, around how I’m too absolute about honesty, too hard out about it, and that there’s an exception to every rule etc. And I thought, maybe it’s a good time to restate what it is that I do here. If you’re looking for someone who will condone Read More

[Short] Why living with integrity doesn’t feel THAT good

If you’ve spent your whole life chasing highs and instant gratification, you might find that switching over to living with integrity is kind of boring or even a little unfulfilling at first. After a lifetime spent seeking intensely pleasurable emotional experiences, and following these with despairing lows and crashes, solid principled living can seem a little dull in comparison. And Read More

[Short] The self deception behind bad decisions

Get your Daily Dose of Integrity with my FREE newsletter here:   You know that moment where you’re debating with yourself about doing something you just know is wrong? You go through this little back and forth in your mind, and you eventually say to yourself something like, “I just don’t care anymore”, or “Fuck it!” When I was Read More

[Short] The warning sign that you’re not being authentic

Get your Daily Dose of Integrity with my FREE newsletter here:   Justifying your own behavior to yourself is the key warning sign that you’re breaching your core values. This is when you feel you must explain to yourself why your current or upcoming decisions are OK. It’s like when you say to yourself, “Well I’ve had a hard Read More

[Short] Why Nice Guys love superhero movies

Get your Daily Dose of Integrity with my FREE newsletter here:   When I was younger, I used to really enjoy X-Men and other superheros. I used to like awake at night imagining myself with powers like invisibility or super strength. It’s kind of amazing how into superhero stuff people are, until you realize that what you’re seeing is hero Read More

[Short] This is WAY more important than your reputation

Get your Daily Dose of Integrity with my FREE newsletter here: One of my coaching clients came up with a pretty cool concept, he calls it the “inner reputation”. It’s something he often thinks about to guide his decision-making. Now what I see as a struggle for most people is they’re so worried about their “outer reputation”. They’re so Read More

[Short] Am I the Asshole?

Want to massively increase your confidence and social skills this year? Check out more of my work, links, posts and contact details – including my FREE group coaching, here: If you enjoyed that short video, check out this longer video that dives deeper into this topic   I see a question type come up a lot in forums and Read More

[Short] The difference between following Rules vs Core Values

Nice Guy Quiz: Just fill out this quick 2 min survey about your social confidence, and I’ll send you access to my Nice Guy Recovery course (worth $200) immediately!     Most people follow rules, especially nice guys and people pleasers, because they want life to just be simple and ordered, and to make complete sense. So whether it’s the Ten Read More

[Short] 3 questions to discover if you’re living with integrity

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