Finding Your Integrity: Core Values to Live By

Show notes: Introduction Integrity definition The formula for integrity is core values By the end, you should know a draft of your values, how to live by them, and what behaviour change you could make today to become a bit more confident What are core values and why are they important? Integrity diamond Start with what they’re not So what Read More

Core Values for Leadership That Inspires Loyalty

There are two main pathways to powerful leadership. One is to be a Machiavellian manipulator, using mind-games and strategies to control people. While this can be an effective approach if you wish only to take from your followers and use them for your own gains, it’s usually at best a short-term success and at worse it can completely derail your Read More

Core Values List for Confident Integrity: Examples and Definitions

I’m gonna give you a list of potential core values with examples and definitions, for those of you who might struggle to come up with them on your own and need a head start. I’ve previously given you a method for figuring out your own core values, but sometimes we need training wheels. When I first started my own core Read More

Core Values Exercise: The Integrity Formula

Integrity – living consistently in alignment with your core values – is the secret to superior self confidence. Your core values create a compass that guides you to make authentic decisions, that is to take action that aligns with your true moral code and provides the best quality of life for you in the longer term. The most challenging element Read More

What Are Core Values and Why Are They Important?

Core Values are the ingredients that make up the recipe for integrity. Integrity – living by your core values consistently – is the secret to building long-lasting and unbreakable self-confidence. I believe that we’re born with innate core values, but that we are conditioned, programmed and traumatised into breaching them as we grow older. We learn to compromise our principles Read More

The Value of Responsibility

Responsibility is the father of all the masculine values. In this video we explore what Responsibility is, as a value, and what it means to live by it consistently.     To get in touch with your core values, contact Dan for coaching >> Apply for a free trial session here <<   Full transcript (unedited) Welcome back to the Read More

The resource more valuable than time

You’ll quite often hear that time is the most valuable resource. I disagree. Unlike, say, money or strength, everybody’s exactly got the same amount of time. I don’t mean lifespan, but hours per day. No matter how you behave, you still get 24 hours a day, just like Elon Musk or Beyonce or the homeless dude down the street. How Read More

Was Mr Beast just virtue signalling?

Recently, the famous YouTuber Mr. Beast has been getting a lot of flack. He went and built 100 wells in Africa, providing fresh clean water to millions of people. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he’s being abused for this, and accused of “virtue signalling” and of doing it for his own benefit and self-serving agenda. It reminds me of a funny video I Read More

The Spaceship That Mows the Lawn

This is a freestyle piece about my biggest current struggle. The ego battle I first noticed it shortly after my daughter was born in 2020. Due to her struggles with sleeping, I had to take her on long walks multiple times per day, every day, to get her to nap. Often, I would clock up 4-5 hours per day just Read More


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