[Short] How to make the right decision when you’re emotional

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Decision making is hard. Trying to figure out the right thing to do is probably the most difficult thing a human ever faces. And the main issue is we think too short term and we think about the wrong goals. So when we’re going to decide what we should do next, we think what would feel good right now? What would solve the frustration right in front of me and what would make everyone around me feel good? Here’s a better way to make decisions. Always refer back to the person you want to be deep down in your core, that person of integrity, that confident person, and then come back to the decision you’re about to make and ask yourself, What would help me become that person? And what would stop me from becoming that person? Like you’re trying to serve a future self, and you’ll find that the decisions are much clearer and much more long-sighted than you usually do.



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