How to know when you’re trying too hard: the Law of Reversed Effort

Say goodbye to not feeling good enough with my Shamelessness course  The law of reversed-effort implies that the harder we try to “get” something, the less likely we are to succeed. Each of us has experienced this phenomenon, especially in dating/relationships, where the more you want something and more effort and stress you put into getting it, the more it Read More

Stuck in a rut… AGAIN! The cycle we all go through and how to escape it

3X your confidence this year with my Masterclass “Hard times create strong men; strong men create good times; good times create weak men; weak men create hard times” This is the cycle that civilisations go through over the course of history. It is inevitable. However, we don’t often discuss how INDIVIDUALS also go through this cycle, and how the sensation Read More

You need to battle it out…

Had a conversation with a coaching client yesterday that I think applies to everyone. He has a habit of stopping whatever he’s doing whenever it goes “wrong” (i.e. failure, or doesn’t meet expectations, or he feels confused), and then he reassesses his approach to identify what he should do differently. Lots of people do this. They think they must be Read More

The 5 questions I always get asked

Here are 5 of the most frequently asked questions I get as a coach. I’ve challenged myself to try answer these in a single sentence! Not really possible, but gotta post something today, right? 1) How do I stop being so jealous of my partner’s sexual history? Realise that jealousy is actually a surface-level reaction to deeper core issues around Read More

The Lone Wolf: making the most of being different, with Dr Gareth Craze

Find out more about Dr Gareth Craze’s coaching and philosophy here: ENERGEIA COACHING Dr Gareth Craze is an old friend of mine who’s career has followed a similar trajectory into coaching. But what makes Gareth unique is that he has learned to make the most of what we call being a Lone Wolf. Some people only need a small tight Read More

Feeling trapped? This is why…

Say goodbye to not feeling good enough with my Shamelessness course Feeling trapped or stuck is one of the most depressing and anxiety-provoking states we can be in. It’s the feeling of loss of freedom and free will, of not having a choice. In this video, we explore what causes this feeling, how it’s actually an illusion, and what you Read More

Having an Effective Attitude

Become a man of integrity with my 3X Confidence Masterclass on Udemy Having an Effective Attitude is about approaching challenges and making decisions in such a way as to guarantee the best possible long-term quality of life. In this podcast, Dan shares the principles of an Effective Attitude, including how to choose the best available option, why optimism is more Read More

What school didn’t teach you, part 1: Self Confidence

Become a confident beast with my Shamelessness course on Udemy Course High school and university failed us all. While they taught us things like algebra and history, we weren’t taught any of the things we actually needed to know to create a successful, high quality life! In this series of 6 videos, I’ll try to teach you what school failed Read More

Transform from doormat to assertively self-confident, with Angie McQuillin

Angie McQuillin is a confidence and career success coach with an outstanding history of success with her clients. In particular, her ability to help someone become more confidently assertive instead of being passive and without becoming aggressive. In this podcast interview, Angie shares her journey from being a passive doormat to learning to stand up for herself to teaching this Read More

Not today, death!

“What do we say to the god of death? Not today!” The Dance Master, Game of Thrones   Want to live forever? The Stoics and a number of other philosophies influenced by ancient Greek culture have a practice known as memento mori. Simply translated, it means remember death. In practice, it’s about meditating on the idea of death and termination, Read More

Confidence DIES in “maybe” – the power of Hell Yes vs Hell No

Most of your confidence problems come down to a simple decision-making error: you spend time in “maybe’. This is the dead purgatory-like space between options, where you’re neither yes nor no. Confident people go all in or all out as quickly as possible – commonly referred to as Hell Yes and Hell No. In this video, we explain why you Read More

Why self acceptance is so hard

In the end, the only problem a person with confidence issues has their inability to accept themselves as they are. This is no secret. Yet, despite humans seemingly knowing this issue for decades, if not centuries, the recipe to achieving such acceptance appears to be difficult to master. As we look around, we see that mental health issues that can Read More


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