What school didn’t teach you, part 3: Dating and relationship skills

Build your confidence and connections with my Powerful Honesty course on Udemy High school and university failed us all. While they taught us things like algebra and history, we weren’t taught any of the things we actually needed to know to create a successful, high quality life! In this series of 6 videos, I’ll try to teach you what school Read More

“Why can’t I get a girlfriend?!”

Build your confidence and connections with my Powerful Honesty course on Udemy “Why can’t I get a girlfriend?!” Many of my clients are good, decent people who work on themselves and try to improve the lives of those around them. Yet despite these desireable and attractive traits, many of them struggle in dating and can’t seem to create or maintain Read More

How to find the one and get a girlfriend

I know: trying to find the ideal partner through dating and standard fake techniques is frustrating and mostly unsuccessful. In this video we talk about how to get a girlfriend or boyfriend by just being yourself and expressing yourself honestly. Most people want seduction tips and advice on how to get a girlfriend or boyfriend without having to be uncomfortably Read More

New Seduction Technique: Push ’em away with honesty!

Watch the video above, or read the written version below I want to introduce you to a revolutionary new way of dating, something that you’ve probably never been advised to do before (and yet is probably more successful than anything you’ve ever tried). Most people, when dating, essentially use ‘seduction’ strategies. These often amateurish – the person’s just made up Read More

Still single? Don’t worry about it…

Watch the video above, or read the written version below Now if you’re like most people, you’ve been raised with a very simple, ingrained belief that you barely ever question: “It’s better to be in a relationship than it is to be single.” Some of you have since changed this belief to the opposite: that it’s better to be single Read More

Are “high standards” preventing you from finding love?

Watch the video above, or read the blog version below Many of you consider yourselves to have “high standards” socially. But if this is keeping you chronically single, there might be something darker happening underneath the surface. I was running what are called ‘boot camps’, where I take people out onto the street to meet strangers and teach them how Read More

Critique of Red Pill: 9 Iron Rules of Rollo Tomassi

Watch the video above, or read the transcript below At BROJO, we’ve been talking a lot about the views, perspectives and beliefs that men have about woman, and how this affects our interactions and our relationships. We’ve identified that many, if not most men, have at least a few very unhelpful beliefs that get in the way of them creating Read More

The Difference Between Attraction, Connection & Relationships

One of the biggest problems I see with my coaching clients when it comes to their social lives (and with friends and family in general), is they get three different concepts confused with each other: attraction, connection, and relationships. Anybody who doesn’t know what these three things are and doesn’t know how to separate them, or to measure what they’ve Read More

Are You Too Shallow? The Truth About Attraction

If you’re a single guy, you might have noticed a little pattern whereby you avoid women whom you’re attracted to so that others don’t think of you as “shallow.” I’ve noticed this come up with quite a few of my clients lately – an avoidance of people they’re attracted to because they don’t want to be judged as being superficial, Read More

How to Escape A Narcissistic Relationship

Narcissists are everywhere. There’s not a lot of them, but they do a lot of damage. I want to talk about how to prevent them from ruining your life, either in a relationship, a friendship, or even a business connection. If you’re already with one or you’ve just finished with one and you’re looking to recover from that, we’re going Read More

Are You Obsessed with Sex? You may have an addiction

Today we’re going to be talking about sex and love. This question has come through to me many times: “Why am I so obsessed with getting laid? Am I addicted to sex?” This dilemma manifests in all sorts of different problems, like you struggle to express attraction because sex is such a big deal to you and you’re afraid of Read More

How to tell if a girl likes you?

I just had a great chat with one of my roommates around attraction and signs of attraction: How do we know when somebody’s into us? And it’s one of the most common questions that I get from guys, and they’re often disappointed with my answer, because the answer is most the time “I don’t know.” This used to be this Read More


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