How to deal with avoidant loved ones

Recently, a client of mine was struggling to maintain a relationship with his niece and nephew. He kept trying to put the effort in and make things happen, and the more he tried, the further away they got. Now this, we discovered, was because they probably have Avoidant Attachment Styles. Avoidants are generally resistant to intimacy, repulsed by authority, and Read More

Why you’re attracting crazy people

There are two painful social truths that have absolutely transformed my life. The first is, the opposite of crazy is still crazy. And the second is, you attract what you are. When I was deep in my Nice Guy Syndrome, I felt like I was always the stable one in my relationships. I was the one who wasn’t emotional, I Read More

The top 3 skills to build your social circle

Daily Dose of Integrity I used to really struggle with socializing, especially when it came to romance and dating. I felt like I was putting in so much effort, doing so many hours per week trying to make things happen and it just wasn’t working. I’d be dancing in nightclubs for 10 hours a week, and cruising through parties every Read More

What If No One EVER Liked You

This video is a sample from my course Overcoming Fear of Rejection… Permanently! << Click here to learn more about the course Most people are afraid of rejection. This leads us to be fake, overly agreeable, and obsessed with what other people think of us. We’re so certain that being disliked by others is a bad thing that must be Read More

Why approaching strangers isn’t getting you a girlfriend

This one is for the singles who are actively getting out there. If you’ve gotten into the whole pickup artist thing, or basically any form of dating-related activity where you’re being active and bold, you might have started approaching strangers. If you’re following my basic integrity approach, then you’re doing with it bold and transparent honesty, expressing attraction respectfully and Read More

Your dating checklist prevents you from finding love

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make in dating is essentially having a kind of checklist or criteria that they judge people against; a list of qualities that they hope for in an “ideal” partner. Sometimes these things are superficial, like the way they look or how much money they make, and other times they’re qualities that you Read More

Beyond Dating: The Green Pill integrity-based approach to finding your ideal partner

Introducing the Green Pill approach to dating and relationships In this podcast episode we’ll discuss about what I’m going to call the “Green Pill” approach to dating and relationships (as opposed to red pill or blue pill ideologies). I’ve named it that because green seems the right colour to signify integrity, growth, and nature / being natural. So with the Read More

Why dating sucks for men… and what to do about it

Dating sucks! It seems to be agreed around the world that the modern dating scene is the worst it’s ever been in recorded history. This belief is backed up by escalating divorce rates, the increase in adults who identify as “single”, and decreasing birth rates. There’s clearly a rise in pessimism about dating and relationships, and a growing dread that Read More

[Short] Why your online dating chats aren’t going well

Get your Daily Dose of Integrity with my FREE newsletter here: A typical online interaction, especially say, on a dating app, will look something like, this. The guy says Hi, or What’s up? And the girl says Hi back. Then the guy says, How are you? The girl says Fine. Then the guy says What are you doing? The Read More

How to avoid being friend-zoned as a nice guy

What is the friendzone? I’ve been in the dreaded friendzone more times than I care to remember. It’s a kind of hell on earth that every chronically single Nice Guy who socializes with women is all too familiar with. It starts innocently enough. You find a girl attractive and much to your pleasant surprise she seems to like you too. Read More

[Short] Double Your Dating with Applied Optimism

Join The Integrity Army for free confidence and integrity coaching here I had a big breakthrough in my twenties in the area of dating and actually all areas of life, when I had a realization about something that I would call Applied Optimism, which is, you know, I used to be plagued by self-doubt all the time and then Read More

[Short] Self Rejection: the best way to limit your opportunities

Join my free group coaching program for confidence and integrity here: Self rejecting something I used to do all the time, both in dating and in business. And this is where you imagine that what you have to offer to the other person is something that they don’t want or will say no to and will not find valuable. Read More


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