Dealing with a resistant toddler… or adult

My 3 year old daughter’s got a new thing she likes to say to me when she’s upset. Don’t look at me! or Don’t talk to me! – words to that effect. When it first started, it was brutal. I took it as a rejection. But what I’ve come to realize is she’s always saying this when she’s simply feeling Read More

What is Shame and How is it Created?

Watch the video above or read the blog post version below Note: This post/video is excerpted from the BROJO University course Completely Shameless: The Secret to Confidence Let’s start by saying that shame and confidence are on a spectrum. On one end you have confidence, and on the other end you have shame. It’s very rare to have both at Read More

Have you gone through Mental Puberty yet?

Watch the video above or read the blog version below Have you noticed as you get older that adults aren’t quite as switched on as we thought they were when we were children? When we were younger, we thought adults had all the answers and that they knew what they were doing. But as we became adults ourselves, we started Read More

Control freaks: how to handle things going wrong

watch the video above, or read the transcript below Today’s post is for the control freaks amongst us; the people who find it really upsetting when things don’t go to plan, when something goes wrong, or when what they had scheduled gets disrupted by something outside of their control. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m one of these Read More

Cognitive Dissonance – Disagreeing With Yourself

Watch the video version above, or scroll to read the transcript below Cognitive dissonance Cognitive dissonance is the feeling you get when two beliefs collide in your head – the feeling of disagreeing with yourself. This commonly occurs when you see yourself doing something (or not doing something) despite knowing that the “right” thing to do is something else. Other Read More

Stop making these 2 common anxiety mistakes

It’s that time of year again. The sun goes down and stays down. The temperature drops. Everyone starts spending more time indoors. And with these seasonal changes, comes… Seasonal anxiety Today I’m going to be answering essentially a question about seasonal anxiety (and depression as well). For those of you in the northern hemisphere, as the lights go down, as Read More

You Don’t Need More Motivation

Most of us are sitting around hoping to achieve greater levels of motivation, courage and clarity before we can take the actions we wish to take. We want to be facing fear and getting on with what needs to be done. Procrastination often seems to be a problem requiring us to increase motivation. We feel like our emotions get in Read More

How to Argue Respectfully

In this video, we look at the healthy combination of respect and honesty that allows for a helpful style of argument that improves relationships rather than destroys them. Read More

1,000 Small Cuts: When Trying to be Stoic BACKFIRES

Trying to be Stoic and philosophical can be a subtle trap. As we learn how to detach ourselves from our problems and view them as an observer, we run the risk of convincing ourselves that we’re unaffected by them. The truth is, we are always affected by our troubles. Otherwise we wouldn’t see them as problems in the first place. Read More

Life After Loss: Finding Your Footing When a Loved One Passes Away

It never feels like enough time when a loved one is nearing the end of their life. You can’t help but feel a deep pang of anxiety. What will happen when it’s finally time to say goodbye? Here is some expert advice for handling your grief after the loss of a loved one. Read More


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