Why Being Hard on Yourself is Pointless

Nearly every client I’ve ever worked with is too hard on themselves. They emphasize their weaknesses and downplay (or outright dismiss) their strengths. They ruminate on their “failures” and barely notice their wins. They constantly imagine how they could have done things better, or faster, or more successfully in some way, and punish themselves ruthlessly for falling short. And when Read More

A confidence building measurement trick

My clients can usually split into 2 different categories: There are those who aren’t doing enough in terms of living with integrity, and that’s why they have confidence problems. And then there are others who are doing enough, but they measure themselves as not doing enough so their measurement system kills their confidence. And these people are the ones I Read More

Confidence Advice and Feedback

There’s a big difference in how confident people get their advice and feedback versus insecure people, and it’s about when it happens and who it happens with. Insecure people tend to ask for feedback or advice before they do something. They’re anticipating taking an imagined action, and they go to somebody before they’ve even tried anything. How should I start Read More

What is Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter Syndrome Definition noun: imposter syndrome the persistent inability to believe that one’s success is deserved or has been legitimately achieved as a result of one’s own efforts or skills. “people suffering from impostor syndrome may be at increased risk of anxiety” If you’ve been feeling like you are incorrectly perceived as better than you actually are, and you’re worried that you won’t be able to keep Read More

Fear is the mind killer

Daily Dose of Integrity Fear is the mind killer. We have a subconscious belief, one we very rarely see come into the light: we assume that fear has our best interests at heart. We believe, without awareness, that fear is trying to make us safe. We think if we are afraid of something, then that thing must be dangerous. If Read More

Not Good Enough vs Perfectionism

I had a pretty mind-blowing conversation with a client about the concept of being not good enough. Like most high achieving Nice Guys, for him anything less than exceptional was not good enough. For example, he expected his trading practice to out-perform the most successful banking firm in trading history, and considered anything less than that to be a failure! Read More

Confidence is Not Certainty

One major barrier people have when it comes to building confidence is they think the state of uncertainty (i.e. confusion or not being good at something) counts as not being confident. This means their definition of the word “confidence” excludes any uncertainty; you only get to be confident if you’re knowledgeable, skilled and successful. The problem with the definition of confidence excluding Read More

Endgame – Confidence Role Models

What does confidence look like? How can we tell if someone else is truly confident and worth modelling after? How do we know when we ourselves are becoming confident? In this session we look at the traits of truly confident vs those who are just pretending and other false flags. We’ll investigate real public figures like Russell Brand, Donald Trump, Read More

How to overcome fear of public speaking

I wanted to give you guys a couple of quick tips for dealing with the fear of public speaking. In a quick post I won’t be able to dive into the depths of what causes this fear in the first place, as it relates to deeper fears around rejection and abandonment, and cognitive biases and fallacies like “the spotlight effect”. Read More

Bravery and Courage: How to overcome fear and social anxiety

The videos I’ve been putting out the last few weeks are all excerpts from one overall conversation about bravery. In this podcast, I break down the different elements of courage to give you ideas on how you can apply this to your life to give yourself more opportunities and increase your self confidence. In this episode, we cover: Bravery is Read More

Confidence Quotes to Boost Your Courage and Bravery

Sometimes we just need some confidence boosters, little practical quotes and notes in your pocket to get you through the day. So I want to share some quotes, memes and memorable sayings that’ll help boost your confidence on a daily basis in real life situations, and give you more courage in any given moment. We’ll start with some questions that Read More

Confidence vs Arrogance: Fear is not my future

A weird barrier that people have to becoming braver is they’re worried about being “too confident”. They’re worried about straying into the realm of what we call arrogance. This actually stops them from developing their courage or sense of self belief, because they think any kind of backing yourself and going for it and upsetting other people is the same Read More


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