Social Confidence for Introverts

Let’s talk about social confidence specifically for introverts. We’re doing a special mention for introverts for a particular reason, and that is, extroverts can still have confidence issues but it generally leads them to do things that actually create social abundance, like showing off for performing really highly impressing people with their skills. So even if they don’t have particularly Read More

Can a Confident Person have Social Anxiety?

Social anxiety is the term we use to describe the intense discomfort in a social setting. It’s amazing how many people suffer in silence with this problem. You think you’re the only one and yet you’re surrounded by people who also struggle… but are, like you, pretty good at faking it. In this video, I tackle the misunderstanding about confidence Read More

Why is Social Confidence Important?

It can be really hard to figure out what you should prioritise in your life. Should it be your health? Your career? Your video game skills? Thankfully, there is an objective answer to this question: social confidence. Building social confidence is simply the highest value goal you can have. From creating self-confidence through to giving you a major career advantage, Read More

Social Confidence: meaning, definition, & the Social Confidence Scale

Social confidence might be the most important trait a person can have for success in life, be it internal or external. But the definition of social confidence has become a subtle problem. Most people think that being confident means to be popular, good at talking, extroverted, and impressive to others. Unfortunately, a severely damaged person can still possess these qualities. Read More

Your biggest fear to overcome

Daily Dose of Integrity I think one of the best ways to bring more meaning into your life is to identify and overcome your fears. If you’re feeling unsure about the direction of your life or it’s purpose, try listing all your fears and use exposure therapy techniques to slowly face and overcome them. At least it won’t be boring. Read More

Anxiety is a conspiracy theory about yourself

I heard a fucking good quote the other day: “Anxiety is like having conspiracy theories about yourself” Mel Robbins One of the biggest changes I’ve noticed in my life since working on Nice Guy recovery and building my confidence is that my anxiety has basically gone away. I used to be anxious all the time, and I do mean all Read More

Effective journaling tips for personal growth

Why people don’t journal Journaling is one of the most neglected practices I see in my clients when it comes to building confidence and generally developing yourself. One of the main reasons is that they don’t feel any immediate benefits from doing it. Usually, this is because either they’re doing it in a way that does not benefit them (e.g. Read More

Do you feel “behind” in social skills and confidence?

When I was younger, especially in my teens and early twenties, I really struggled with a sense of being “behind” everybody, socially speaking, and especially romantically. I felt like everyone was so far ahead of me. They “got it” and I didn’t. They were maturing and developing while I was stuck feeling like a clueless 13 year old well into Read More

[Short] The downside to not caring what people think of you

Not caring what other people think of you is certainly a state of confidence that’s preferable to worrying about other people’s opinions all the time. After more than a decade of difficult confidence building work, I now enjoy being in this position of genuinely not caring what others think of me, and have been looking forward to this my whole Read More


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