Why are so many men AFRAID of their wives??

There is a global cultural phenomena which is husbands being basically afraid of their wives (or guys being afraid of their girlfriends). It’s not talked about as such, but is more of a running joke that covers men sleeping on the sofa when they’re in trouble with the missus and having to lie about where they’ve been and what they Read More

How to fix a broken connection or relationship with a single sentence

There’s few things worse in life than breaking up with a partner or friend for a bad reason – knowing deep down that you should still be together but some form of miscommunication or conflict has come between you. In this video, we explore how to know when the relationship or connection should be fixed, and simple one-step move to Read More

Relationships Don’t Exist…or Do They?

When couples are in trouble they often talk about working on “the relationship”, as if it’s some objective thing that really exists and can be changed or fixed. But what if relationships are merely an illusion, and focusing on this illusion causes more problems than it solves? In this video, we explore the reality of “relationships” and why it’s more Read More

10 tips for how to manage a long distance relationship

Long distance relationships seem easy to manage when you first get into it, but the reality is they are an extreme test of your connection with your partner, your ability to accept things outside of your control, and your communication skills. After being separated from my girlfriend for months at a time on different occasions, split by major timezone differences Read More

Is marriage bad for MEN?

To become more confident and powerful, contact Dan directly There’s a common narrative going around, especially within Red Pill type circles, that marriage is a trap that is harmful to men. This is commonly describe through a story whereby a man gets married and works hard and is a good person, only to get cheated on by his ungrateful Read More

Respect: For Nice Guys in Long Term Relationships

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE FOR A SHORT OVERVIEW OF THE RESPECT PROGRAM Okay, here’s the down low…. In August/September 2022, I’m getting a carefully selected crew of awesome men together to show them exactly how to respect themselves, assert their boundaries, and build better relationships through increased self-confidence. I’m going to help them develop the confidence they need to stand Read More

Why having a sick partner is dangerous!

Get relationship coaching with Dan by contacting him personally Nice Guys tend to be very caring, empathic and nurturing. Unfortunately, this can often create a real problem in relationships where their partner has long-term issues of mental or physical suffering. Dan’s Top Resources Books Dan has 3 bestselling non-fiction books available in both written and audio form: The Naked Read More

The #1 Threat to ANY Relationship

The number 1 threat to any relationship – platonic, professional or romantic – is CONTEMPT. Contempt is the feeling of looking down on someone from an arrogant height of superiority; seeing them as inferior, worth less, or even worthless. Dr. John Gottman’s research on relationships found that contempt was the best predictor of divorce. But this can be prevented by Read More

Top 10 Communication Tips for Long Term Relationships

Communication issues are one of the top reasons for divorce and breakups. What breaks my heart as a coach is that I see very basic mistakes being made that don’t need to happen.  I see great connections being destroyed simply because the couple doesn’t have the skills to express their needs and set their boundaries. A break up should never Read More

Letting People Love You

Become a confident beast with my Shamelessness course on Udemy: While I get a lot people seeking help with fear of rejection and dating skills etc., I’ve come to realise that the REAL problem people have is actually about allowing others to get close. People with avoidant attachment styles and low self worth often struggle to allow intimacy to Read More

Should we break up to save our relationship?

When a relationship hits the rocks, the issue of breaking up or getting divorced becomes one of the solutions to consider, and for some people the main solution. There is also the question of whether a short, possibly temporary break up might be the way to bring the relationship or marriage back together when you’re not really sure why the Read More


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