A collection of this week’s most popular posts over all social media… Why do manipulative people accuse others of manipulation? Pay real close attention to whatever manipulative people accuse you or others of doing because that’s the most likely thing that they are actually doing. For example, if a manipulative person starts accusing their partner of cheating, there’s a good Read More


A collection of this week’s most popular posts over all social media… Being judgmental is not the same as radical honesty Being socially anxious is not the same as being an introvert   How to know if someone is truly sorry   How to tell a girl you like her   The worst limiting belief is this… The hidden manipulative Read More

This week’s best posts – 11 October 2022

A collection of posts from various social media from the last week or so… Getting balls checked! Hey everyone. I’m currently in Brno hospital, about to get prepped for surgery tomorrow. I’m getting surgery on one of my testicles, removing what’s called a hydrocele, which is kind of like a benign growth of some kind, and I wanted to share Read More


I’ve never been officially in the “out group” before.   Maybe it’s being a classic middle-class white male or something, but I’ve never truly had empathy for anyone who is clearly identified as being a “minority” or as being outside of the most prevalent local clique. I’ve tried to be understanding and kind, but it’s akin to trying to know Read More

“The system” has lied to you

Do you believe any of these things? – Women are better at multitasking than men – The world is basically a sphere – Carrots help you see in the dark – Artistic pursuits aren’t a financially safe career path It can be hard to comprehend, but most of what we believe is total bullshit! Why? Because nearly everyone who’s ever Read More

10 rules for making powerful decisions

In this video I cover how to make good decisions that benefit your life, without procrastinating and doubting yourself unneccessarily. Dan’s Top Resources The Naked Truth: Using Shameless Honesty to Enhance Your Confidence, Connections and Integrity Get Dan Munro’s latest book to learn how to build your integrity and truly be yourself without fear. The 3X Confidence and Authenticity Masterclass Read More

How you can help me

One thing I’m not great at doing is asking for help. It’s a shame thing: I grew up in a “do it on your own” and “real men don’t need help” culture, and it’s stuck with me to this day. Right now, being a new dad has turned out to be much tougher than I imagined. Lucie and I don’t Read More

How to Confront and Deal with TOXIC Parents

Their are certain people in your life that need to be confronted for their manipulation, narcissism, criticism, discouragement and negativity. But what about when these people are your parents or loved ones you can’t say No to spending time with? With my Acceptance Invitation, you can confront even the most toxic parents in a respectful yet firm way to possibly Read More

How to Manage Your Emotions

Watch the video above or read the transcript below: What’s up everybody? I wanted to put together a quick video about dealing with emotions, because it’s a topic that keeps coming up so often. It’s universal to gender, race, ethnicity and culture – whatever you want to call it. Emotions are normal We are all humans, and most of the Read More

Conversation Skills for Deep Connections

2-day workshop 2nd-3rd Feb 2019, Auckland NZ Create More Interesting, Attractive and Connecting Conversations No more small talk… No more superficial friendships… No more wondering why they don’t text back… Learn to stop people-pleasing and overcome social anxiety so you can transform yourself into a charismatic social leader who can create genuine interest and attraction through deep and fascinating conversations, while Read More

What’s Happening with Brojo in 2017

  Brojo had a great year in 2016, and we’re looking to constantly improve, as always. We’ll be expanding and changing in 2017, but let’s first review the previous year. 2016 – The Year of Curiosity 2016 was a wonderful year of growth and new initiatives This was the first year we tried Memberships. That made it much easier for Read More


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