Starting a coaching or service business: Plan for the first 90 days

I’m writing this to help a client of mine test his personal training business idea, but figured I might as well share it for anyone else getting started. This is as simple as it can get when it comes to starting a service-based business, like being a coach, consultant, therapist, masseuse, personal trainer, financial advisor, nutritionist, web designer etc. This Read More

Core Values for Business and Career Development

Core values are the recipe ingredients for integrity, which is the lifeblood of self-confidence. I also believe integrity is simply the most practical way to have success in your career. Not just the financial security type of success, but the much deeper rewards of doing something you love that feels meaningful with people you align with. In this video, we Read More

Achieve More in Your Career by Boosting Emotional Intelligence

Guest post by Cameron Staudacher, Presented by BetterHelp.   Emotional intelligence (EI) is an increasingly popular framework to describe thoughts and behaviors that generally fall within “soft skill” categories in the workplace. Those with high levels of EI are generally better able to relate to others, work together on teams, understand nonverbal communication, and respond empathetically in work-related conflict. While most Read More

How to Feel More Prepared For A Career Change

Guest post by FATJOE Publishing You can make a safe career choice, but this might not be as fulfilling as you’d hoped. Even if you’re good at your job, there’s a chance you wonder what more you could do, which could inspire a career change. However, any career change can feel overwhelming, especially if you lack experience. So how can Read More

You didn’t really learn anything from school

Here’s perhaps a controversial statement: You didn’t really learn anything from school. If you stopped your education at 18, or even after University, then you still haven’t started learning. Or perhaps more accurately, you haven’t been taught the most important things you actually need to know. I want you think about these three topics in particular: managing resources, like budgeting Read More

The REAL reason you’re broke

I had a brutal wake-up call early on in my coaching business. I was haemorrhaging money. I wasn’t doing well financially, so I decided to do a deep honest review of all my finances, something I’d never really done before in my life. I’d always avoided it for some reason, especially when I started making good money at Corrections. And Read More

Psycho boss uses the Extinction Technique

One of my clients has what I believe is a psychopathic boss. They were Slack-messaging each other and the boss asked him to attend a pointless meeting, and my client said something innocuous like, “Nah, that meeting isn’t for me, I’ll pass.” Bear in mind that my client is one of the highest performers in his company and an absolutely Read More

The risk of a “safe” career choice

I just had a session with a dude who wants a more interesting career, but he also doesn’t want to risk looking stupid, getting humiliated, or failing (i.e. making mistakes). He suffers from “Imposter Syndrome” and worries that he’ll be “found out” as being less capable than he originally appeared to be. And so he’s stuck in a pattern where Read More

Building Rapport in Professional Settings: Powerful Networking Techniques

This video is an excerpt from my upcoming course building rapport: going beyond small talk with advanced communication skills. If you like what you see in this video and you want to see the whole video, or indeed the whole course, check out the link in the description or the comments below.   Check out the full Building Rapport: Communication Read More

Why You Should Stop Focusing on Making More Money

Nearly every entrepreneur-themed post I read on the internet is focused on revenue. They always have titles like “I made $3,913 with writing, here’s what I learned” or “How I turned a dropshipping business into $10K passive income per week” and stuff like that. Some people are talking about how to make money doing what you love… but many others Read More

Want some extra cash? The Dan Munro Affiliate Marketing Program

I was going to start using advertising but then I figured I’d rather have that money go to enthusiastic supporters of my work who need extra cash instead sending it to Facebook and Google! So I’ve created an experimental affiliate referral program that requires no cost on your side, just any amount of time and effort you’d like to put Read More

9-5 Millennials vs. Gen Z freelancers: which career plan is better?

Check out my brother’s Bucket Hat business here One thing you might have noticed as a millennial over the years is this kind of baffling trend of really young Generation Z people making a lot of money doing really strange things, like creating YouTube channels or selling weird merchandise or streaming themselves playing video games online. And your brain Read More


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