We Are All Institutionalized

I spent much of my twenties working for the New Zealand Department of Corrections as a Probation Officer and later in other managerial roles. My specialty was high risk offenders who’d been released from prison on parole, including murderers and other long-term inmates. Gate Fever We used to talk about a phenomenon called “gate fever”. Surprisingly often, long-serving prisoners who Read More

What you should focus on NEXT

For more about my coaching, get in touch One of the biggest invisible issues in self development is that people are trying to solve problems at a high level when they still have basic problems that need attention first. As a coach, I often have clients coming to me for dating advice when they haven’t even secured full time Read More

What school didn’t teach you, part 2: How to manage money

Master Money and your Career with my Financial Freedom course on Udemy High school and university failed us all. While they taught us things like algebra and history, we weren’t taught any of the things we actually needed to know to create a successful, high quality life! In this series of 6 videos, I’ll try to teach you what school Read More

Time isn’t real

Why do we have 7 day weeks? Someone just made this up one day and we’ve all been following it ever since. Unfortunately, this arbitrary model of time is also the cause of much of our suffering and inability to achieve long term goals. In this video I challenge the classic ideas around “time” that most of us follow. Dan’s Read More

EXACTLY what I do for my morning routine

Developing a strong morning routine is one of the easiest and quickest ways to build self-confidence and get control over your life. It amazes me how few people do this, and how most people rush into their day frazzled, half-asleep, and directionless. In this video, I share exactly how I do my morning routine and explain the psychological benefits behind Read More

Game Changers response – the integrity problem with eating animals

Watch the video about or read below What’s up folks? Before reading this, I recommend watching this video below to get a scientific critique of the Game Changers documentary, to ensure a balanced perspective on the health claims made: So I just wanted to reflect a little bit on the Game Changers documentary everyone’s been talking about. I saw it Read More

MGTOW review

Watch the video above or read the transcript below Note: most of the information about MGTOW in this post comes from the website Today we’re going to be talking about Men Going Their Own Way – or MGTOW, as it’s commonly referred to. I figured it was important for me to investigate this movement/philosophy to understand it a bit Read More

The 5 Lies We Were All Raised With

Watch the video above or read the written version below We’ve all been lied to. Did you know that? All our lives we’ve been told lies about who are our real enemies and who are our true friends. Today, I’m going to talk about the truth behind these lies so that you can figure out why it is that you Read More

10 Reasons to Live

Watch the video above, or read the transcript below Today I’m going to try to convince you why you need to live. I want to start by sharing a question I received from a guy who’s obviously worried that trying to put in an effort – trying to make something of his life – is a waste of time. Here’s Read More

The Secret to Success

Watch the video above or read the transcript below What’s the difference between people who make their dreams come true, and those who don’t? Only a small portion of people out there are living their ideal life and being the ideal person they’ve always wanted to be. They’re confident and full of integrity, and their lifestyle reflects that. They get Read More

Entropy: Fighting Off Death Every Day

Watch the video above, or read the transcription below Entropy, as described by the second law of thermodynamics, is a concept in physics that describes how everything slowly goes to disorder. Today, we’re going to talk about how this practically affects your life and your confidence on a daily basis. I’m no quantum physicist – I’m not an expert who Read More

The 12 Laws of Confidence

Watch the video above, or read the blog version below I’ve been inspired by Jordan Peterson’s 12 rules for life to create a post about confidence that’s more practical – something that will give you guidance on how to improve your self-worth on a day-to-day and week-to-week basis. So I’m going to give you these 12 roles on confident living. Read More


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