10 secrets everyone keeps

After coaching for 8 years (and rehabilitating staff and managing offenders for about 7 years prior to that), I’ve been blessed to discover some of people’s deepest and darkest secrets. Not only that, after having literally thousands of people tell me what’s really going on behind the scenes, I’ve also seen patterns and themes. There are a LOT of secrets Read More

The Struggle of Being Honest in a Dishonest World

Build your confidence and connections with my Powerful Honesty course on Udemy As you work on becoming a more honest and confident person, you’ll start to realise how full of shit most people are. You may even become frustrated or depressed with the low level of integrity that you find yourself surrounded by. This video is about coping with having Read More

Why people trust Joe Rogan more than scientists

Ever since Jenny McCarthy read a since-debunked study by Dr Andrew Wakefield and came out saying vaccines cause autism, we’ve seen a steady decline in respect for science and a sharp increase in the anti-science movement. This is in stark contrast to the 80s and 90s where almost everything “science said” was taken as truth. Now, even global warming and Read More

The Religion of Honesty

Watch the video version above, or listen to the podcast version here, or read the written version below After studying and practicing honesty for more than a decade (having spent the prior period of my life being largely dishonest), I’ve come to realise that I’ve actually developed a worship of honesty.  Having experimented with being more honest for such a Read More

Coach REACTS: Jono talks about living with Treacher-Collins Syndrome (UniLAD)

In this video, Coach Dan Munro reviews an episode of “Minutes With” where UniLad journalists sat down with Jono Lancaster, a 30 year old man who has what’s called Treacher Collins Syndrome. Jono talks vulnerably and honestly about dealing with being abandoned as a baby, the bullying he faced as a kid and what it’s like dating with a facial Read More

Why People Lie to YOU

If you’re someone who’s had a lot of superficial friendships and/or relationships, you might start to wonder why it is that people won’t open up and be honest with you. Maybe you’ve heard them saying stuff about you behind your back that they wouldn’t say to your face. Maybe you’ve noticed them sharing more deeply with others than with you, Read More

On hurting people’s feelings

Let’s talk today about “hurting other people’s feelings”. Many people ask me the classic question: how can I be honest with people in my life without hurting their feelings? Short answer: you can’t. While being honest does not guarantee hurt feelings, protecting other people’s feelings guarantees dishonesty. Unfortunately, you must choose one of these two options since both cannot be true at the same Read More

They know when you’re lying

Every week, I get emails from various companies and start ups trying to get me to host my 3X Confidence Course on their platform. They must have all taken the same marketing course or something, because the emails almost look identical. First, they make it sound like they’ve actually gone through the course, with something like “I just checked out your Read More

Why do people lie?

Why do people lie? For 5 main reasons: Fear of awkwardness; Fear of rejection; Fear of embarrassment; Fear of failure or being wrong; and Fear of hurting someone’s feelings. Why do people lie? Usually, it’s to avoid the kind of emotional conflict that the truth and honesty can provoke in a social situation. Especially when we’re talking about radical honesty Read More

Radical Honesty vs Telling the Truth: The Definition of Integrity

Most people think of themselves as honest simply because they don’t lie very often. Unfortunately, there is a BIG difference between BEING honest and USING honesty to get an outcome. If you truly want to live with integrity, you’ll need to know how to be honest rather than just using it as a strategy that feeds your neediness. If your Read More

How to Deal With Criticism and Negative Feedback Confidently

Few people are able to deal with criticism in a confident way. Most people either eact defensively, or get guilty and their self-worth plummets. In this video, we explore how to be more confident when getting negative feedback. If you can’t learn how to take negative feedback, you’re going to find yourself trapped in a fight-flight response every time someone Read More


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