Confronting the Truth: Overcoming Rationalization and Avoidance

Join me and Hakim Hamza in a transformative conversation about Embracing Discomfort. We delve into unmasking Conflict Avoidance, People-Pleasing, and finding True Authenticity. Discover how our fears often masquerade as “spiritual behavior,” thus hindering our progress. Don’t miss out on this insightful exploration of navigating uncomfortable feelings.     Get Your Nice Guy Syndrome Diagnosis for Free! Fill out this Read More

I got caught exaggerating!

Daily Dose of Integrity One of my favorite clients called me out today in a way that I like. Whenever he asks me how I’m doing, I nearly always complain about how I don’t get enough sleep because my kid’s not a great sleeper. He pointed out that quite often in my content – especially shorter videos and posts – Read More

Harming people is not justice

Daily Dose of Integrity Treating other people badly is never a justified act of integrity. You might call it “revenge” or “justice” or “punishment”. You might even think that you’re teaching somebody a lesson. Most justice systems around the world are essentially nothing more than the ancient religious principle of an eye for an eye. Every day, people excuse hurting Read More

The most common type of lying

Daily Dose of Integrity The lie we most often tell is one of convenience. It’s the bit of untruth that we can say right now that creates the most optimal emotional experience in the very short term future. When you lie to a child about the park being closed, it’s to prevent them from having a tantrum and you having Read More

Why most people are NOT working on their honesty

Once I discovered the power of honesty, I was almost immediately struck with the question, “Why aren’t more people doing this?” I felt like I’d discovered the formula for everything I’d ever wanted, and it baffled me that such a simple and obvious thing had not also been discovered by others. Nearly everyone around me continued to be fake and Read More

Kids don’t need the Santa Claus lie!

I occasionally get myself into some heated debates about whether we should lie to kids when it comes to traditions, especially things like Santa Claus, the tooth fairy etc. On my podcast, I’ve already covered the details as to why lying to kids is bad in general – the damaging effect it has when you show children that you’re willing Read More

Ask BROJO Anything: “Why do I sleep so much?” and “What’s your interpretation of honesty?”

Today’s questions: Why do I sleep so much? What’s your interpretation of honesty? Full transcript (unedited) according live all right everything’s goin the way it should be welcome back everyone so you asked bro Joe anything with myself Dan munro and Mike got a couple of questions for you today so we answer the questions for our bro Joe Gold Read More

Why it feels like honesty isn’t working for you

When I first got into meeting new people – deliberately going out and initiating conversations with strangers – I immediately got a sense that it wasn’t going very well. I was practicing this new honesty approach I’d discovered, so I was trying to have integrity, be vulnerable and bold with people, and just let them judge me for who I Read More

Honesty will always attract haters

One of the elements of the work I do that’s taken me the longest to accept is the hate I receive. You might sometimes see it in the comments, and I often get private emails and messages as well. There are some people who are very upset by what I say and what I do. Sometimes it’s just trolls, dickheads Read More

How to be radically honest without raising Green Flags for narcissists

One of the Brojo crew mentioned to me that he’s learning about this thing called “green flags”, which refers to signs that narcissists use to identify an easy victim. This makes it difficult for him to understand the difference between being radically honest and oversharing. I guess one of the green flags involves putting yourself in a vulnerable position by Read More

Debunking the Arguments Against Radical Honesty

In this podcast, I scoured the internet to find the most common arguments against honesty – the justifications for lying, manipulation, and keeping thoughts to yourself. I will address each of them with my counter arguments, including the most powerful cases I’ve ever seen: hiding Jews from the Nazis, and not telling a child that they’re about to die! Full Read More

You CAN tell people that you don’t like them!

A few months ago, a guy I know took me aside, sat me down, and said that he had to admit something to me: he thought of me as boring and anti-social. It’s fair for him to think that way. The few times that we see each other, I am that way for various reasons. As part of my commitment Read More


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