7 Core Values for Personal Relationships

With divorce rates going above 50% internationally, it seems that people are having a hard time making relationships last. Yet I’ve found in my work with clients over the last decade – findings that are validated by scientific studies around successful relationships – that there are certain core values that prevent relationships from deteriorating. While some relationships never should have Read More

The insane paranoia of High Achievers

Daily Dose of Integrity There’s a crazy irrational belief that many of us High Achievers have: we are not allowed to enjoy our life too much. We can’t be too grateful. We can’t cruise or relax. We get nervous about too much good luck. We have this bizarre paranoia that some kind of force is watching us, and if things Read More

Integrity doesn’t work

Daily Dose of Integrity A lot of nice guys that I talk to who are attempting to recover will try the methodology of integrity that I’m often promoting. But then they’ll come back and say something like, “I did it, but it didn’t work.” I always ask, “What do you mean by work?” The answer is inevitably something about getting Read More

Is porn really THAT bad for you?

Join The Integrity Army for free group coaching here You might have heard a lot about the negative effects porn and frequent masturbation can have on your brain and your social skills, killing your love life. But what about just a little bit of the bad stuff now and then, is it really so bad? In this video we answer Read More

Fear is the mind killer

Daily Dose of Integrity Fear is the mind killer. We have a subconscious belief, one we very rarely see come into the light: we assume that fear has our best interests at heart. We believe, without awareness, that fear is trying to make us safe. We think if we are afraid of something, then that thing must be dangerous. If Read More

The Role of Personal Values in Brisbane

Guest post by Technosire   In the complex interplay of modern romance, the foundational role of personal values cannot be overstated. As society progresses and individual preferences evolve, the fabric of dating and partner selection is increasingly woven with the threads of personal beliefs and moral frameworks. This trend is vividly apparent in Brisbane, a city renowned for its vibrant Read More

Why do Nice Guys cheat?

It’s surprisingly common for guys with Nice Guy Syndrome to have affairs and betray their partners. In fact, people pleaser types in general have a habit of harming those they care about the most, moreso than people who are generally more assertive or even selfish. Ironically, while selfish or narcissistic people often do big short-term damage, it’s the Nice Guys Read More

Do you react to stress like a toddler?

You can tell when a toddler is over-stimulated or over-tired. They’re really hyperactive. They want to do all sorts of stuff and they flick through dozens of ideas. They’re bursting with brittle, manic energy, and are clearly one step away from a proper meltdown. Yet if you suggest they should have a nap or rest quietly, they resist with everything Read More

Not Good Enough vs Perfectionism

I had a pretty mind-blowing conversation with a client about the concept of being not good enough. Like most high achieving Nice Guys, for him anything less than exceptional was not good enough. For example, he expected his trading practice to out-perform the most successful banking firm in trading history, and considered anything less than that to be a failure! Read More

Confidence is Not Certainty

One major barrier people have when it comes to building confidence is they think the state of uncertainty (i.e. confusion or not being good at something) counts as not being confident. This means their definition of the word “confidence” excludes any uncertainty; you only get to be confident if you’re knowledgeable, skilled and successful. The problem with the definition of confidence excluding Read More

Core Values for Business and Career Development

Core values are the recipe ingredients for integrity, which is the lifeblood of self-confidence. I also believe integrity is simply the most practical way to have success in your career. Not just the financial security type of success, but the much deeper rewards of doing something you love that feels meaningful with people you align with. In this video, we Read More

10 Powerful Conflict Resolution Strategies

Being able to confront someone effectively is a skillset that few of us are born with, and few ever learn. “Conflict” is the word we use to describe a confrontational conversation that has gone beyond a calm healthy debate. It’s where one or more of the people involved are now overcome with emotions like anger, disgust, confusion and anxiety, and Read More


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