3 Tips on How to Create a Positive Self-Image

Post contributed by Dylan Richardson Research on body satisfaction levels here in New Zealand shows that we have a high obesity rate. This reality has resulted in a poor self-concept and raised numerous body concerns. Both of those have become detrimental to maintaining a positive self-image. For men, it was observed that social pressures to be athletic, muscular, and slim Read More

The Shocking True Story of How I Became A Nice Guy… and How I Recovered

In an effort to rolemodel the value of shamelessness, I’ve created this mini-autobiography highlighting some of the key moments in my life that caused me to develop Nice Guy Syndrome, and then later to recover from it through discovering authentic self confidence. I explore – my early school experiences with bullying and ostracism – the effects of strict parenting – Read More

The Comfort Zone doesn’t exist… there’s something much WORSE!

The self help industry goes on and on about the “comfort zone” and why you need to break out of it. Yet, when ever we explore someone who’s supposedly in the comfort zone, they don’t appear to be feeling very comfortable at all. They’re usually miserable! So what’s really going on here? In this video, we explore the INERTIA of Read More

Liver King “I Lied” apology [REACTION] How honest is his confession??

The self-titled Liver King, a muscular and often shirtless social media star named Brian Johnson, has millions of followers by promoting an “ancestral” diet of beef brains, bull testicles and raw animal livers. Lately, however, an email was leaked revealing that among other things, Johnson is using steriods, which he not only has never disclosed, but has actively lied about Read More

Why You Find Other People Too Boring

  Build better connections with my Powerful Honesty course Do you struggle to connect with people because you rarely find them interesting? Or perhaps you struggle to pay attention while speaking when you’re nervous or unsure of yourself? People may not be as boring as you think they are, in this video we explore the real reason behind this problem. Read More


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Dan Munro’s Coach-Training Program

WHAT IS IT? The 12 Month Coach-Training Program is an intensive course designed to achieve three main objectives: Train you in both simple and advanced 1:1 coaching practices and psychological techniques so that you can have conversations that massively transform peoples’ lives, Teach you how to create a sustainable income from 1:1 coaching clients, workshops and group-coaching, without resorting to Read More

How to manage NARCISSISTS when they EXPLODE! The “Extinction” Tactic

Most people are afraid of confrontations for a simple reason: they fear that the other person will have a BAD reaction. Most of all, they’re afraid that the other person will explode – shout, threaten, accuse, humiliate and generally make things emotionally uncomfortable. In fact, there are some people, like psychopaths, Narcissistic personalities and other manipulators who use this fear Read More


A collection of this week’s most popular posts over all social media… A simple cure for overthinking Why you should NEVER apologize (really!) Should you try harder or just give up? How to deal with resistant people How Stoicism helped me overcome my fear of Death   Dan’s Top Resources Books Dan has 3 bestselling non-fiction books available in both Read More

10 Childhood Traumas that cause Nice Guy Syndrome

Being a nice guy is actually a form of mental illness. It’s the result of coping mechanisms we created in childhood and teen years to deal with traumatic events and painful situations. When good-hearted boys are faced with emotional harm and lack the tools to properly process, confront and deal with it, we come with an act: a way of Read More

This week’s best posts – 18 Oct 2022

A collection of this week’s most popular posts over all social media… The real reason you have trust issues Why people get defensive during confrontations Can you be TOO helpful? A career lesson for millennials from Gen X youtubers 27 WAYS TO OVERCOME NICE GUY SYNDROME (WITHOUT BECOMING A JERK) Menprovement guest article: 27 Ways to Overcome Nice Guy Syndrome Read More

Why are so many men AFRAID of their wives??

There is a global cultural phenomena which is husbands being basically afraid of their wives (or guys being afraid of their girlfriends). It’s not talked about as such, but is more of a running joke that covers men sleeping on the sofa when they’re in trouble with the missus and having to lie about where they’ve been and what they Read More


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