[Short] Can you be too honest?

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A question that my clients often struggle with is Can you be too honest? It’s a pretty legitimate question. My answer is “No… but” and what I mean by that is there’s no such thing as being too honest, but there is such a thing as an imbalanced interaction. So if I share more than you do, or I share deeper than you do consistently then we don’t have a balanced respectful interaction. So it’s not such a problem that I’m being honest. The problem is that you’re not matching me with your honesty. If two people are matching, you can’t have too much honesty. You can go to the very depths of your soul without it being a problem as long as the other person is too. So rather than thinking am I being too honest? ask yourself, are they reciprocating? If the answer is no, then you need to stop, dial back, and challenge them to share more.



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