Bravery and Courage: How to overcome fear and social anxiety

The videos I’ve been putting out the last few weeks are all excerpts from one overall conversation about bravery. In this podcast, I break down the different elements of courage to give you ideas on how you can apply this to your life to give yourself more opportunities and increase your self confidence. In this episode, we cover: Bravery is Read More

Confidence Quotes to Boost Your Courage and Bravery

Sometimes we just need some confidence boosters, little practical quotes and notes in your pocket to get you through the day. So I want to share some quotes, memes and memorable sayings that’ll help boost your confidence on a daily basis in real life situations, and give you more courage in any given moment. We’ll start with some questions that Read More

The Value of Responsibility

Responsibility is the father of all the masculine values. In this video we explore what Responsibility is, as a value, and what it means to live by it consistently.     To get in touch with your core values, contact Dan for coaching >> Apply for a free trial session here <<   Full transcript (unedited) Welcome back to the Read More

Confidence vs Arrogance: Fear is not my future

A weird barrier that people have to becoming braver is they’re worried about being “too confident”. They’re worried about straying into the realm of what we call arrogance. This actually stops them from developing their courage or sense of self belief, because they think any kind of backing yourself and going for it and upsetting other people is the same Read More

The Courage to Be Disliked

Caring what other people think of us is probably the biggest concern most people face in the lives. Our phobia of being disliked is the greatest barrier to living a full authentic life. It’s nearly impossible to behave with confidence if you cannot allow yourself to upset others, disappoint them, disgust them, or otherwise risk their disapproval. Being a brave Read More

Fear Mongering: The Secret to Courage and Bravery

Fear Mongering is the term I give to the manipulative strategy and tactics your own fear employs to control your behaviour. In this video, we’ll explore the devious tricks your mind will play on you to prevent you from taking bold actions and positively changing your life. We’ll dive into why fear does not have your long-term best interests at Read More

Bravery is Not The Absence of Fear

Bravery is not the absence of fear. This is pretty old school wisdom. A lot of people want to be brave and more courageous. They think this means they’re not going to experience fear sensations, they’re going to be fearless. And though they might not put it out there exactly like this, they’re kind of dreaming of being permanently fearless, Read More

I got caught exaggerating!

Daily Dose of Integrity One of my favorite clients called me out today in a way that I like. Whenever he asks me how I’m doing, I nearly always complain about how I don’t get enough sleep because my kid’s not a great sleeper. He pointed out that quite often in my content – especially shorter videos and posts – Read More

Nice Guy Costs: 5 Reasons Pleasing Others Comes at a Price

In this episode of the “How to Heart” podcast, Vincent delves into the complexities of the “nice guy syndrome” alongside expert Dan Munro. Munro shares his journey of overcoming the nice guy syndrome, tracing its roots back to childhood trauma and the need for validation. Emphasizing the importance of honesty and authenticity, Munro explores the challenges of breaking free from Read More