The “Walking into The Fire” technique for increased courage and bravery

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There’s a bravery technique that my clients and I use called Walking Into the Fire. Now let’s say there’s something new you want to do like you want to go socialize with a new group of people but you’re nervous and anxious about it. If you put all this pressure on yourself to make new friends and be an interesting person and so on, you’re just going to make it all that more hard to be courageous. You’re probably not going to do it. Walking into the fire is about reducing the pressure down to just showing up, like just walking into the situation. Whether it’s showing up at the gym or showing up at the party or putting a name on your new business. It’s the minimum action required for you to actually be doing the thing but with no further pressure, like you can leave straight away or not participate any further and at least you’ll have done something rather than pressuring yourself and doing nothing.



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