You’re not actually lazy

A lot of people consider themselves to be “lazy” in general, or they’ll call themselves lazy when they procrastinate on an important task. Yet when was the last time you asked yourself, “What does ‘lazy’ mean?”

When you call yourself lazy, you imply that you have some sort of permanent character defect, like this is a personality problem that can’t be fixed. This belief manipulates you into being discouraged to have another go at the thing.

What’s the point in trying when I’m a lazy person?

Labelling yourself as irredeemably lazy is part of the strategy to keep you procrastinating.

One day, you’ll look at your procrastination and see that you didn’t lack the skill or strength for the task, you simply lacked the inner encouragement. You’ll see that your mind manipulated you away from doing something you were more than capable of doing.

Calling yourself lazy is just one of the tricks. It works alongside other strategies such as “it can wait until [insert arbitrary future time where you’ll just delay it again]” and “I don’t actually care about it that much” and “do this other easier thing first”.

Perhaps, instead of calling yourself lazy, you might realize that you’re actually afraid – you might not feel “scared” but this is fear you’re experiencing nonetheless.

You’re afraid of the task because you’ve made it too big or it’s not meaningful to you or whatever the reason, So instead of calling yourself lazy you can start addressing that this is a courage problem and you can work on it from that angle.

Instead of trying to become more disciplined or organised, you can ask ask yourself, “How do I become more courageous?”

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  1. Another great tactic is to keeping making the task smaller until you do at least some of it – never let a day go by with zero action

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