You don’t have psychic powers

You might have never realized this before, but you believe that you are psychic. You think that you can control the world with your mind.

Right about now, you should be disagreeing with me, unless you’re insane.

But the fact is, you probably spend a huge portion of your time trying to solve problems inside your head. Not taking action, not trial-and-error experiments, not actually doing anything, but thinking through the problem in the hope that that will somehow solve it without further effort.

Which means you somehow think that you’re psychic or telekinetic – you think that your mind can solve a problem with thought alone.

I know what I’m saying sounds stupid, but the point is, how much time have you spent in your head working on a problem when you needed to be out there in the real world working on it?

How many nights have you lain awake, ruminating on an issue and repeating the same data points over and over, with some vague hope that something good will come of it?

You can see the same thing when a group of people who know almost nothing about a topic have a big argument about it. The group does not possess any expertise or helpful information, and yet they keep talking about it as if ongoing discussion will somehow bring about new information.

When you’ve been through all the information that exists in your head and the problem still isn’t solved, there’s nothing more your mind can do for you. It’s like fishing in a lake that has no fish.

You must instead get out there and get active, engage in trial and error attempts, get things wrong, and learn the hard way.

You’re not psychic. In the end, it’s always actions that solve problems, not thinking.

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  1. A rule of thumb: if you’ve been pondering an issue for more than 5 minutes and feel no closer to a solution, then you don’t have one in your head

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