You didn’t really learn anything from school

Here’s perhaps a controversial statement:

You didn’t really learn anything from school.

If you stopped your education at 18, or even after University, then you still haven’t started learning. Or perhaps more accurately, you haven’t been taught the most important things you actually need to know.

I want you think about these three topics in particular:

  • managing resources, like budgeting and investing money, negotiation and sales skills.
  • building relationships with people, like communicating in effective ways to create healthy connections, loyalty and respect
  • building self-confidence, like finding your core values and developing a strong psyche.

Now think back over your entire school experience and ask yourself, Which classes covered those topics? Where were the classes on personal wealth creation? Where were the classes on healthy confrontation tactics? Where were the classes on managing negative thoughts?

I feel safe in assuming you’ve never had even a minute of classroom time dedicated to any of these.

Yet can you name three topics that are more important to master in order to create and maintain a high-quality life?

I know I’m backed by scientific data when I say that if all you really learned was effective finance/resource skills, the ability to create strong loyal connections, and the philosophy needed to have high self-worth, you would have a great life. Anything else you needed you could learn as an apprentice or from YouTube videos.

And the opposite is true. If you are someone who is bad with money, unable to create good relationships and friendships, and suffering from chronic low self-confidence, then no amount of formal education can turn those ingredients into a good life!

If you haven’t mastered those topics, if you haven’t been educated in those topics, then you haven’t even started learning what you need to learn yet.

But it’s not too late.

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  1. I would add health to that list as well, basic nutrition at least (most schools do at least some physical education)

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