Why you feel so tired in your 30s

As many of us become adults and go from our 20s to our 30s, we start to wonder:

Why the fuck do I feel tired all the time? Where has my energy gone?

Now this can happen for lots of different reasons, but what a lot of you won’t realize is it’s happening because you’re a people pleaser.

People pleasing is exhausting.

When you’re constantly holding in resentment from doing things for the wrong reasons, trying to make other people happy, pretending all the time, and taking responsibility for other people’s emotions, it takes a toll on you physically.

Your cortisol levels are up all the time. You’re anxious and worried what people think of you. You’re constantly holding in anger and other dark emotions to avoid conflict with people and carrying that burden with you.

You’re not doing what’s right for you and getting your needs met in that way. And it just wears you out.

You’re not getting tired because you’re old – well some of you might be – but for most of you the reason you’re so tired is because you’re just not living with integrity.

Put it this way: imagine if you no longer worried what other people thought of you at all – how would that effect your energy levels?

2 Responses

  1. Try this: go for a week without trying to please, help, or manage other people’s emotions, and then see what that does for your tiredness

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