Why do people lie?

Why do people lie? For 5 main reasons: Fear of awkwardness; Fear of rejection; Fear of embarrassment; Fear of failure or being wrong; and Fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

Why do people lie? Usually, it’s to avoid the kind of emotional conflict that the truth and honesty can provoke in a social situation.

Especially when we’re talking about radical honesty – the act of being completely truthful about everything without lying even a little bit. No white lies or anything, just bold, truthful feelings, thoughts and opinions.

Most people choose instead to engage in a deception that keeps people feeling good or liking them. This is why men lie on dates – so the girl is attracted to them. This is why women lie to their friends – fear of rejection and embarrassment.

And many of us worry about how to be honest without hurting peoples feelings because we’re so used to everyone taking things personally and being easily upset by the truth. It becomes a real comfort zone challenge to be honest around certain people, so most of us just don’t bother.

Our fears of rejection, failure, being judged, being embarrassed and our general social anxiety act as a mental block to getting the truth out there.

But it’s time to stop making excuses and start being more honest, because the world needs more integrity now than ever before.

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