What’s Happening with Brojo in 2017


Brojo had a great year in 2016, and we’re looking to constantly improve, as always. We’ll be expanding and changing in 2017, but let’s first review the previous year.

2016 – The Year of Curiosity

2016 was a wonderful year of growth and new initiatives

  • This was the first year we tried Memberships. That made it much easier for us to track who is actively involved in Brojo and self-development. It allowed us to rent a larger, quieter venue for our regular meetups, invest in educational resources, and the tools & systems that make Brojo work. 
  • We moved meetups and workshops from our Brojo flat to a new office-style venue in Mt Eden
  • We launched Entrepreneurship as a new Lifestyle topic
  • Ivan ran regular fitness boot camps
  • Mitch K and David G became Brojo Coaches and started the training programme with Dan
  • Inner Circle sessions were run on regular intervals to allow for deep-dive sessions
  • Brojo teamed up with Menprovement Academy to allow guys around the world to experience what Brojo has to offer
  • Brojo.Video training library was developed with over 15 hours of content
  • We ran a number of high-impact workshops
  • Reflection at the start of each session, about Members’ experiences and challenges the prior week.
  • And we launched a new class focused on Women

On reflection, 2016 was defined by the Value of Curiosity. 

For Brojo as an organisation, 2015 was the year we developed a clear vision of what Brojo members want in terms of training, philosophy and support. With that foundation, 2016 became a year of experimentation.  We needed to test ideas and learn how Brojo should be structured and delivered to best support our members.

For our Members, the year was focused on Exploring specific topics.  Our attention was focused on the in-class experience, teaching and learning topics around Social Mastery, Entrepreneurship and Confident Mindset, and each of those areas developed a good foundation of key concepts, training approaches, and lesson content.

What have we Learned?

The Brojo Self-development journey itself is follows the 3X Model.  It’s a highly cyclical process that works best when all 3 values are in balance – Curiosity, Honesty, and Respect. 

This applies to each member of Brojo, and describes the process of personal growth.  It also applies to Brojo as an organisation- our growth and evolution will never cease, and 3X describes our process of evolution spectacularly well.  With that in mind, we now look at Brojo organisation as living journey, rather than as a destination to arrive at.

For Brojo, this means not only exploring new opportunities, but continually challenging our assumptions and approach.

We learned that the meetup experience by itself is not enough for an individual’s full development.  Meetups focus on the Explore phase (new ideas, thinking, and planning), and a little on Release (reflection and acceptance).  For many members, the Engage phase (action and experimentation) needs more attention and support. While this is covered by some of the workshops, these are not available to all members, so we need to broaden our support for the Engage phase.

We saw Members go through intense ups and downs in their journey, as they continually challenged and re-made themselves. This affected people’s ability to maintain a membership as they sometimes needed time off from new ideas to focus on implementation.

The 90 minute meetup sessions were useful, but limited.  We saw far more significant impact through workshops, particularly Mind Fuck, for people who were interested in massive growth.

The social aspect of Brojo is as important as the education side. Brojo members are creating friendships and events together, and growing a lot from their connections with each other. We need to facilitate that more.

It’s not for the ladies.  We made a strong effort in 2016 to invite women, and create classes that focus specifically on the challenges that women face.  Unfortunately we couldn’t work out how to promote it effectively, and reach enough women to sustain that group.  We had some enthusiastic engagement from a small number of women, but overall, it seems the Brojo way is more appealing to men. Women will not be excluded and are welcome to attend, however we will not be actively marketing Brojo to women any longer, and will cancel the female-only classes. 

We need to be more focused on our educational content and direction. Brojo tends to be all over the place and a little unfocused when it comes to what we are learning about at any given time. In 2017 we’ll look to make this clearer and simpler.

What’s happening in 2017?

In true 3X fashion, we’d like 2017 to be defined by courageous Honesty; and a focus on Action:

With our focus on Action, we want to see much more hands-on experience practicing the Brojo values. To do this we will increase the focus on social events designed to support our members in taking action. This means a lot more opportunity to get out, meet people, and practice challenging yourself in all areas of your life that you feel stuck in.

The educational side of Brojo will centre on powerful monthly workshops.  Workshops give us the time needed to engage in new concepts fully.  And just as importantly, they have the recovery time in-between that participants need to manage change.

Focus on values

Each month we’ll be focused on activities where we can practice BROJO’s 6 core values. So there will always be a Value of the Month that all Brojo content and education focuses on.

  1. Curiosity (December 2016)
  2. Courage (January 2017)
  3. Honesty (February)
  4. Acceptance/Compassion (March)
  5. Respect (April)
  6. Responsibility (May)


Meetups, social events and Men of Action (MOA) – free, anyone is welcome

Every Monday night there will be a regular social meetup at a bar, café or restaurant. This will be for guys to get together and discuss their self-development goals, progress, wins and challenges, as they related to the Value of the Month. These will be led by Brojo Ambassadors (formerly known as Captains) but there is no coaching, just the group supporting each other.

Every week, Brojo Members and Ambassadors will be encouraged to host ad hoc social events, anything from movies, to rock-climbing to just a BBQ at the beach. All are welcome.

Men of Action will be for guys who want to contribute to the community. Led by Ambassadors and Coaches, MOA groups will help the community through supporting youth, homeless, underprivileged and other people in need.

Monthly Seminar – “Brojo Talks”

Each month Brojo will host a free-to-all seminar talk on the Value of the Month. The Brojo 6 Core Values provide the focus for each month, and this talk will give you all the tools to get started on enhancing each value. This is open to anyone, and great place to bring friends who are interested in Brojo but want to know more.

Inner Circle Sessions – Members Only

Exclusive to members only, Inner Circle Sessions will be run by each Brojo Coach on a weekly basis. These will focus on upskilling and increasing your knowledge in specialty areas, such as family connections and dating, entrepreneurship, and developing a confident mindset. These will be similar to the former weekly Brojo meetups of 2016.


The primary educational and skill-building content will take place in workshops. Each month there will be a 1 or 2 day workshop designed to take your social connection skills, confidence and lifestyle mastery to the next level.



Membership Changes


We want memberships to be accessible to people from all walks of life and financial situations, while allowing those interested in more intensive self-development to save their money for workshops and coaching.

Membership prices will therefore be reduced to $50 per month.

Members will have all the access and privileges of non-members, of course, as well as

  • Access to the weekly Inner Circle Sessions
  • Free access to the Brojo.Video resources library
  • Priority placement in Workshops and Coaching
  • Access to members-only social events
  • Ability to become Brojo Ambassadors



Brojo is growing and expanding internationally

Imagine being able to travel the world and find a local Brojo meetup wherever you go! That’s our aim. We will be starting Brojo meetups in several countries around the world including UK, Mexico and Brazil. We will also expand to more cities in New Zealand.

We want to grow Brojo as much as possible,

  1. By making social meetups free, and socially oriented, we can bring new people into the community easily, even if they are simply looking to expand their social circle, and are not on a self-development path.
  2. By expanding meetups to other cities, and countries, even other parts of Auckland.
  3. By expanding the range of meetup types- social events, dating events, fitness events, special-interest events.
  4. Through social outreach, impacting the communities and lives around us, even those who have never heard of us and have no idea what self-development is.

If you or someone you know is keen to help out, please let us know!


Thanks to all of our supporting members for being part of our adventure for 2016.  You’ve made a big difference to Brojo’s ability to “un-fuck” the world, and in light of recent media, we think that’s more important than ever.

Here’s to a fantastic 2017, reaching as many people as possible, and changing lives in a big way.


Team Brojo


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