What is INTEGRITY and why is authenticity important?

What is integrity and why is it important? In a world where we cannot trust our leaders, our institutions, or our corporations, we need congruent people of high value and integrity more than ever before. In this video, we talk about how to find your core values and be authentic, so that you too can become an honest leader of integrity.

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What is integrity? It’s about a combination of 3 factors: honesty, living by a moral code or set of personal values, and having a certain congruence where you’re the same person in all environments.

Integrity is a guidance-system you can use to ensure that you always do the right thing and be a person of high value, both to yourself and others, through conscious leadership of yourself and consistent application of a certain code of honour.

For most people, this means learning how to stop being a people pleaser and focus on learning how to be authentic instead. Authenticity is a word we throw around a lot these days, and yet few people seem to truly embody it or even understand what it means.

For businesses, especially small business and start-ups looking to begin on the right note, integrity is about leadership development training that brings out the best from you and your staff by encouragin authenticity instead of obediance. It means becoming a high value business through being yourself rather than trying to please others.

And overall, learning to live with integrity is about discovering the secret to how to love yourself. You don’t get to love yourself for free, you must earn it. You must impress yourself to feel confident. And this is done through strict congruence with your core personal values, rather than quick wins or approval from others.

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