What is fear of success?

A lot of people think they have a fear of failure, and that they’re quite okay with success.

But I’ve often found that when I dig into this with one of my clients, they’re far more afraid of success than they are of failure.

It’s like they’ve been tricked by their brain.

When we think of failure, we think of loss. We think of something bad happening to us. Maybe it’s losing face. Maybe it’s losing money. Maybe it’s someone leaving us. Maybe it’s getting harmed physically. That’s what we associate with failure.

But most of the time, failure simply means staying the same. You try something new. It doesn’t work out. The end result is the same as before you tried.

It’s very unlikely that you’re actually afraid of staying the same, given that the brain is wired to try and stay the same as often as possible.

Success does not mean pleasure and reward; it means massive change. This might help you understand why you’re actually more afraid of that than you are of failing.

Now you realise that, have another look at how you’ve been operating. Notice the self-sabotage? You’ve been avoiding success a.k.a. change.

Failure is the comfort zone.

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  1. Being successful feels different to BECOMING successful – the process is extremely uncomfortable

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