What I Learned In 2014


Firstly, I’d like to share 2014’s failures with you.

This year I’ve learned that the key to connecting with people and being authentic is to be shameless. This is achieved by being open and vulnerable about everything you secretly want to hide from the world.

So on that note, in this post I talk about some of the failures I’ve been through this year, that I didn’t want anyone to know about: How I Have Failed

Got to admit, I was pretty uncomfortable writing that one!

TOP 10 INSIGHTS I’VE HAD IN 2014 (aka the best year of my life)

– creating a passion-based business comes from providing profound service, not ‘traditional’ sales techniques

– being completely direct with people is the only effective way to get what you want (it requires the courage to face ‘rejection’)

– the more authentic you are, the easier it is to connect deeply with people, which means allowing people to see your dark side –

– if you’re doing what everyone else is doing, you’re probably not enjoying your life as much as you could be

– you can’t create a rich, meaningful life until you take full responsibility for your actions and let go of the results

– 90% of the pain we experience is caused by attaching to and believing our own thoughts

– getting a group of dudes together to talk about how to be more successful is fucking awesome

– anyone who hates on you is simply reacting to their own fear, your actions have made them see their weakness

– impulsiveness is underrated – you should just take action and deal with the consequences rather than thinking it through

– you don’t need to feel good to do what’s right, there is no need to feel ‘motivated’ or ‘confident’ before you act, you will get those feelings afterwards


If you were subscribed to my emails last year, you might remember that I do a summary of the year and compare it with the year before.

In 2013 I made some massive changes, and pushed my comfort zone to the limits and beyond:

– I quit smoking

– I wrote a book

– I got my weight down to under 90kg

– I started my own coaching company

– I learned how to salsa dance and won the “improvers” division at the National comp

– My band Seasons toured and played with legends such as Lamb of God and Thy Art Is Murder

My goal this year, as always, was to be a better person that I was the year before.

Here’s how this year worked out for me,


1) Made the move to coaching full time. Coached over 100 different people, with 19 becoming long term clients. Click here to read about how they transformed their lives.


2) Got my weight below 85kg for the first time in decades.


3) Got clarity on my true calling: helping people-pleasers (aka nice guys/girls) develop the courage and skills to be authentic, assertive and powerful leaders.


4) Learned how to dance ‘zouk’ and created my first ever choreography, with my amazing dance parter Heidi. We won the zouk amateur division of the Salsa National Open in November (video coming soon).


5) The new Seasons album was completed. We played all around the country, and got pirated for first time (I thought this was awesome). We sold albums around the world, including USA, Japan and Netherlands.


6) Signed a publishing contract for my book, to be published in 2015.


7) Figured out how to make passive income online, and am now able to teach this to others (without all the hyped up bull you see on the next)


8) Started The Brojo. Now running two live meetups per week, got into the double digits with Gold members, and ran my first ever seminar. Can’t wait to see this grow in 2015!


9) Invited to an interview for my favourite podcast, The Art Of Charm with Jordan Harbinger (I’ll let you know when it comes out). I was skillfully interviewed by Efton Geary for Love and Sensibility, and Teri Conrad for Conversations That Matter. Also now an “expert” for A Better Life magazine.


10) Started the online Confident Mindset Inner Circle. Now running weekly with a growing base of high value adventurers with real enthusiasm for authentic self-development.


Quite a year for me. I’m knackered. Now let’s be clear, I didn’t do it alone.


Firstly, I’ve spent about $9k on coaching for myself. I’d like to thank Phil Drolet, Jacob Sokol and Rich Litvin for their expert guidance and support.


Secondly, my clients and my parents. They inspire and motivate me, and frankly without them I would have to live in a ditch and eat cardboard.


Also, my friends, brothers, Brojo brothers, and the coaches and other mentors I stay in touch with to learn from and offer value to. You know who you are!


When you write down the highlights for 2014, what does that list look like?


Are you happy with it? Do you feel that you lived to the fullest this year, and gave everything you’ve got?


If so, that’s awesome! I’d love to hear your story, the trials and tribulations you went through. And I want to commend you, because I know without doubt you had to face fear, challenges and uncertainty. Email me!


If you look at 2014 and think “I’m SURE I could do a lot better”, then maybe it’s time for us to talk.


Next year I’m increasing the investment for 1:1 coaching with me. Significantly. After seeing the massive results my clients got this year, I know it’s time to raise the bar.


This is also a challenge to those of you who are ready for change, but held back by doubt. If you start coaching with me before the end of 2014, it will be at my current fee.


Do you have the balls/ovaries to make a move?


You’re already a high achiever. I’m not looking to work with powerless victims. I’m looking to take people who are already strong and help them unleash limitless confidence, ability and strength.


Want that to be you?


If so, email me at telling me why I should reserve one of my limited December spots for a conversation with you.


I don’t want a story about how awesome you are (though that’s fine). I want the truth about where you’re at and where you want to be.


Show me that you:


– are ready to live authentically, even if it means facing discomfort
want to have a positive impact on the world and be remembered for your work
– have the courage to do what’s right rather than what’s easy
I look forward to hearing from you.





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