What A Year Of Business-Coaching Taught Me


A tramping expert just completed almost a year’s worth of coaching with me. It was all aimed at taking his passion and creating a business about it.

To keep his identity confidential I have excluded some details, but here’s what he learnt…


Figure out the first step and just get started.

Do “the business” first and foremost. Always focus my energy on doing what is most important for the business.

Focus on taking responsibility for what I can control – be adaptable and flexible to reality.

Be open to all potential clients, not just who I assume should want what I sell, and being open makes them feel understood (which sells).

“Small talk” is a great way to start a business relationship with a new client. It creates connections, shows genuine interest and lack of agenda, and opens them up.

Talking about my work is the best way to grow my business – no “selling”, just talking, and letting go of my “mind-reading” habit to just be open to reactions.

Break it all down into manageable chunks, constantly simplify.

Trust myself. Focus only on the day ahead and build up certainty one action at a time. This increases my capability in small steps. Opens up authenticity to create a “natural” approach.

Rejection is OK – it won’t always work out in my favour – as long as I learn from it.

Talk to people, get to know them, create allies. Who can be my “agents? Who are the Salesmen, Connectors and Mavens?

“What can I do to help?” – create value first, look for give/give relationships. Keep strengthening relationships and looking for connections.

Approach a range of different markets and people, don’t limit myself. Go into conversations open-minded – you never know!

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I don’t need to be tied to a job, I’m the master of my own fate.

Remind myself to have fun.

It’s more productive to de-prioritise work in overall life.

Stay present; worrying about the future creates self-fulfilling prophecy and it never turns out as bad as you think.

“Don’t be dictated by the weather” – don’t let little things bog me down, don’t blame external things for how I feel; there are no excuses.

Be comfortable in my own company.

Fear is not as bad as you think it will be.

Do things for myself, as it releases tension, gets me in the zone, and creates good feelings. Me being “selfish” is actually what is best for everyone.

Take advantage of adventure opportunities.

Always be ready to try something new or I’ll end up in a rut.

Keep doing what I really enjoy most, that’s where the biggest rewards are.


Make things simple, structure tasks, do one thing at a time.

Be open and non-judgmental to learn from different people and ideas, to understand people better I need to explore openly.

Outcomes are more likely to go my way when I’m decisive; taking risks has led to my biggest rewards.

A clean break from something unsatisfactory is the best way to go, even if it’s a risk. I should not tolerate unsatisfactory situations because they taint all other areas of life.

Doing something abnormal or “crazy” is the best way to stretch myself and learn.

Forget about things I can’t change, focus on tramping and running and everything else will fall into place.

Recognise who is a positive influence on me and spend more time with them; people who are open and have good innovative ideas. Don’t waste time with pessimistic, fearful, rigid people who are unwilling to try new things.


Complacency – change and challenge myself.

Overthinking, indecisive, self-doubt – always take action, even something small and simple.

Too casual – be open in communications and organised. Don’t make assumptions, never assume people know the right thing to do. Be prepared to adjust to the unexpected, or to make a tough call.

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