watch dan munro get coached by rich litvin

“You selfish bastard…”

Dan spent most of his career rehabilitating some of the most dangerous and violent criminal offenders in the world before he became a coach. He was searching for the reason why he was not doing what was most important to him.

Enter master coach Rich Litvin.

In this episode of Rich Litvin’s video-podcast 1Insight, the shoe is on the other foot as Dan Munro receives coaching from someone who’s been in the game a lot longer than he has. Watch as Rich uses an insult to shake up Dan’s world.

In today’s episode:

  • Getting caught up in other people’s highlight reels
  • Building a business one relationship at a time
  • Allowing yourself to be moved so that you can move other people
  • Applying the 80/20 rule to your clients and business
  • Where most addictions and fears really come from
  • Being selfish with what we truly have to offer to the world
  • What it’s like walking around with self-esteem issues
  • Making your “avoid at all costs” lists

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