Was Mr Beast just virtue signalling?

Recently, the famous YouTuber Mr. Beast has been getting a lot of flack. He went and built 100 wells in Africa, providing fresh clean water to millions of people.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, he’s being abused for this, and accused of “virtue signalling” and of doing it for his own benefit and self-serving agenda.

It reminds me of a funny video I saw, where people are watching Jesus being crucified, and one man asks, “What did he say to make everyone so upset?” and his friend replies, “Be kind to each other”. The man nods sagely and says, “Oh yeah, that’ll do it!”

There’s an odd human trait I’ve noticed since becoming a coach, and that is certain people are absolutely infuriated by other people trying to do good deeds. And I don’t mean they’re objectively critical of the methods or effectiveness or anything like that. They’re just mad at someone for trying to help, even when it has a measurable benefit!

I’ve also observed that these angry haters are nearly always people who are not doing many good deeds themselves, or at least nothing compared with the person they’re angry with.

I want to make it very clear: “virtue signalling” does not include actually taking helpful actions.

Virtue signalling is the appearance of doing something virtuous, not actually doing it. Mr Beast actually built those wells. He’s not talking about building wells. He’s not promising to build wells. He built them.

And as far as I’m concerned, the only person who has any right to criticize what he’s done, is the person who’s built 200 wells and knows how to better build them. Ironically, those accusing Mr Beast are themselves virtue signallers, pretending to care about kindness while not building anything for anyone.

So before you rag on someone for being helpful and accusing them of having selfish intentions, ask yourself, Have I done more than they have to make the world a better place?

And if the answer is no, shut the fuck up!

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  1. The next time you see someone getting bullied for being kind, defend them and challenge their attackers with, “What have you done that’s better?”

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