Want some extra cash? The Dan Munro Affiliate Marketing Program

I was going to start using advertising but then I figured I’d rather have that money go to enthusiastic supporters of my work who need extra cash instead sending it to Facebook and Google!

So I’ve created an experimental affiliate referral program that requires no cost on your side, just any amount of time and effort you’d like to put into it.

In general, all you need to do is recommend my work to other people.

It can happen naturally in your everyday social media use – e.g. posting in comments, sending DMs to likely people who show an interest in my posts – or you can reach out to friends, acquaintances and family who you know would benefit from my support.

If you’re keen to be a part of this, email me to let me know with the title “I’m keen to be your affiliate” and I’ll set you up with a basic tracking page that we can use to manage your referrals and payments.


My niche

I have a range of clients, but my target audience is:

Nice Guys and People Pleasers who are actively engaged in self-development (or about to be) and wish to build their confidence, become more authentic, connect better and more deeply in their relationships, and live with integrity.

They aren’t as much a demographic as they are a psychographic. They are usually professionals, often in IT and other ‘left brained’ industries, but not always. Mostly men but sometimes women as well, particularly more masculine women. Usually between 30 and 50 years of age.

My ideal client is a Nice Guy husband and father entrepreneur who has succeeded in his career and takes good care of his health but lacks assertiveness and isn’t sure of who he really is. He wants to stop being a pushover and is excited about exploring becoming more masculine in a healthy way to be a better partner, a role model as a father, and someone he’s proud to be.


Some things to keep in mind:

Go about this as authentically and organically as possible. Spamming people with templated messages or posting publicly to everyone on social media not only won’t work but it will hurt my reputation. Anyone doing these things will be asked to exit the program.

You should be doing this in the spirit of helping individuals who you genuinely think will benefit from my work. And frankly speaking, personal individual messaging is more effective for marketing anyway.

Check out the options below:


$5 – New TIA member

The Integrity Army is a free group coaching call I run once per month with an open invitation.

While this is freely given, I will follow up with people who were engaged in the call or who attend multiple calls regularly and invite them to coaching, so it also serves as a form of marketing to me.

If someone you invited attends and engages in a session, you get a $5 reward. This is probably the easiest money you can make supporting me.

Here’s the link to the sign up page – this is where you should refer anyone as they need to subscribe to the mailing list to be able to join in:

Whenever you refer someone, simply email me their name, or email address, or online social media handle, and I’ll see if they subscribe to my TIA mailing list. From there, if and when they attend a live call, you get $5. 

You can either take me on faith that I’ll accurately monitor and reward attendance, and/or you can attend the calls yourself and see who shows up plus get to enjoy the coaching yourself!


$10 to $50 – Online course enrollment 

My online courses are a great way for me to effortlessly build a relationship with potential clients. As I’m more interested in coaching clients than course sales themselves, you will get 70% of profit from any course sale you created.

All the courses can be found here:

However, do not use those Udemy links for these courses as Udemy will take a huge cut of your profits, so instead copy and paste these ones I’ve listed below when sending it to someone (note the extra identifying code in the URLs):

Powerful Honesty – 

Nice Guy Recovery –

Overcoming Fear of Rejection –

Financial Freedom –

3X Confidence and Authenticity Masterclass –

Shamelessness –

(I can create discount coupon codes for you as well if that will help.)

You cannot just generally post the links to these courses (e.g. a Facebook post to the public) because I won’t know who’s sales are yours. As I’m bypassing the Udemy Affiliate Program (which you’re free to use but it’s more complicated), we need to track your referrals one at a time manually for now.

So only refer people on a 1:1 personal basis (e.g. send them a link via DM or email conversation), and let me know the names etc. of people you’ve sent links to.

Each month I will send out the report from Udemy on who has enrolled in all my courses so you’ll be able to see which of your referrals enrolled and how much they paid, and your 70% commission will be easily calculated from there.

As Udemy has a 30 day refund policy, commission payments will be delayed by until this time has passed. You can be totally open about your affiliate commission and tell them, “Hey if you don’t like it, you can just get a full refund by clicking a button, no hassles”.

BONUS: You get free access to any and all of these courses from me! This way you’ll be able to know the specifics of the content and can recommend courses to people from a place of knowledge, e.g. “The third lecture in this course exactly addresses your emotional shame issues, you should check it out!”


$20 to $640!! – New 1:1 coaching client

The real money to be made is in helping me create new 1:1 coaching clients.

More on my coaching here:

My clients pay anywhere from $450 to $1600 per month, and if someone you referred enrolls you’ll get a one time commission of 40% of their first month’s payment (i.e. min. $180 to max. $640).

This includes anyone who comes through via earlier channels, such as The Integrity Army or my online courses. So if a person you refer initially gets involved at a lower level and then becomes a coaching client later, you still get the commission.

Also, you will get paid $25 for anyone you’ve referred who is invited to and attends a free trial coaching session, which is a standard gateway for anyone I’m considering as a client.

Bear in mind that before someone can attend a trial session I carefully screen them, and if I reject them for that session, or they fail to attend, there’s no commission.

I recommend you discuss people with me before inviting them. You can even frame it as a gift of a free session from you. This is the form for them to apply for a first time session: 

This one’s a little harder to track objectively, so it’s probably best that we’re both open with the potential client about the rewards scheme, and you can maintain contact with them throughout the process and they will confirm if they enroll.

Again, rather than bulk-inviting total strangers in the hope of a hit, I recommend you engage with people personally and individually, which will also make this easier for you to track.

I do pride myself on my integrity so I will carefully monitor and pay out commissions honestly and transparently, but I also encourage you to track this in whatever way ensures you have no doubt that everything is as it should be.


Tips for promoting

Scroll through relevant posts on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and TikTok, and check out the comments section, looking for people working on their confidence, masculinity and social skills, and strike up conversations with them that lead to you recommending something that suits them specifically.

Join relevant groups on social media, such as groups for Nice Guy Recovery or Marriage Support and build relationships there.

Share it around with your friends and associates.

Answer questions on Quora and similar forums, and invite people to contact you personally for more in depth information (i.e. my work).

Use ChatGPT to ask it for ideas on how to promote other people’s affiliate products.

Focus on inviting people to The Integrity Army first, and then follow up later with courses or coaching recommendations. People will appreciate something given for free that’s of such high value, and my coaching will do all the selling for you.

If you’re into posting online yourself, take quotes and tips from my work and discuss it in your posts (e.g. make a TikTok video critiquing one of my courses), then at the end of the post, or in the description, recommend people get in touch with you for links and coupons etc.

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