[Short] Using Honesty vs Being Honest

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A thing I see a lot – I see it in marketing, I see it in people trying to improve their social skills – is people using honesty rather than being honest. So being honest is where you just speak your mind vulnerably powerfully, you don’t plan anything, there’s no strategy to it, you’re willing to lose, you’re willing for rejection and anything to happen. Using honesty is when you tell something that is truthful, but it is scripted, it is deliberate, it is designed to get a specific result. And in a way, it is dishonesty because you’re not truthful about your intentions for using it. Like the marketer who tells the vulnerable story about his suffering in childhood, he isn’t actually suffering he’s just trying to make you feel sorry for him and believe that he has the answers.

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  1. When are you guilty of this? For me it’s in telling funny stories – I tend to remember scripted stories rather than spontaneously remember what actually happened

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