Using ChatGPT and connections to find your perfect job

Today’s post is random and kind of off-topic for me: a practical tip on how to develop your career using technology.

So I’ve played around with ChatGPT a few times. It’s good for some things, not so good for others. And an idea came up in a recent session with a client of mine who wants to pursue a more purposeful and meaningful career.

You can type a list of all your preferences of what you want from a job into ChatGPT. The things that you are skilled at, the things that you love, the topics you’re passionate about, the kind of results or problems you want to solve, and so on.

And then go, “Give me 30 examples of jobs or roles that closely resemble this list”, and you might get some ideas that you’ve never thought of before.

For example, I tested it by saying:

“I’m looking for job ideas. My preferences are: helping people, specifically with psychological issues; using my philosophy, particularly Stoicism; being self-employed or at least having a lot of freedom and autonomy. List 20 job ideas that might suit me”

Some of the results were: Stoic podcaster, Stoic Retreat organiser, and Stoic Journal App creator. A nice range from content creator to social connector to engineer.

Once you get those ideas, go find people already in those jobs (e.g. through friends, online forums, or LinkedIn) and offer to buy them a coffee to pick their brain and share their experiences.

That’s how you might find your dream role.

It will also open your mind to possibilities that your limited mind could not imagine due to childhood conditioning about what’s “appropriate” for a career.

For more on this topic, check out my video “9-5 Millennials vs. Gen Z freelancers: which career plan is better?”:

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  1. The next step would be to narrow the choices down to the one most likely, and then find a way to intern or test out the role asap

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