Top 10 Self Development Books of 2013


I read a LOT of self-development books, including non-fiction for business and entrepreneurship. In 2013 I read countless such books and have decided to rank the top 10 for your benefit. I’m nice like that.

I guarantee these books will have a positive impact in your lives, and have included a little summary of each so you can tell if they’re right for you.

Note I have no affiliation to any of these authors, and regardless I would never promote something unless I truly believed in its value.

Starting from the top…

#1: No More Mr Nice Guy

by Robert A Glover

The reason this is number one is because it is by far the most influential book I have ever read. No single piece of work has ever changed me as much as this book did. This will not apply to everyone who reads it, but if you are like I was, it is an essential read. It’s all about the psychology of ‘Nice Guy Syndrome’ which effects many modern men and how to overcome this weakness.

THIS BOOK IS FOR: people who sacrifice their own happiness in order to keep the peace, help others, or try to control everything. It is for anyone, particularly men, who consider themselves to be “nice guys” and yet deep down know there is something wrong with pretending to be happy.

#2: Lifestyle Entrepreneur

by Jesse Krieger

This is the second most influential book I have ever read. In this book Jesse, who is a 5 time business creator, walks you through a step by step process on how to turn you passions into a profitable business, with the side-benefit of being able to travel the world while working. If there is only one book you read about starting your own business, make it this. These days I think Jesse gives it away for free for signing up to his emails.

THIS BOOK IS FOR: anyone wanting to start their own business.

#3: The 4-Hour Work Week

by Timothy Ferriss

What a masterpiece this is. A highly detailed guide to applying the 80/20 Pareto Principle to your life. This book will show you how to reduce your 40 hour work week significantly, regardless of what job you are in even if you are an employee. It will provide you with an almost endless list of online resources you can use to reduce your workload, make more money, travel for cheap, and pay someone minimal cash to run your life for you. This book will help you get more out of life, but most importantly will challenge your beliefs around working and retirement.

THIS BOOK IS FOR: everyone on the entire planet should read this book. I’m not joking.

#4: The Prosperous Coach

by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin

Strictly for coaches, this is the bible as far as working in this industry goes. Many coaches don’t know how to find clients. Far too many coaches do not receive  coaching themselves. This book will give anyone who works with helping people for a living much needed insights.

THIS BOOK IS FOR: coaches, counselors, psychologists and other health professionals.

#5: 80/20 Sales And Marketing

by Perry Marshall

Anyone running their own business needs this book, especially my New Zealand countrymen. This book alone will allow you to overtake most of your competitors when it comes to sales and marketing. It combines sales psychology with the 80/20 principle to maximise profits and reduce wasted advertising costs. I went from knowing nothing about sales to absolutely owning Google ads and Facebook marketing through this book alone.

THIS BOOK IS FOR: business owners and sales people.

#6: Think And Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

This classic is classic for a reason. This book will reveal the difference between those who are truly prosperous and those who merely survive. The reason for the difference may shock you, but I vouch for it through personal experience.

THIS BOOK IS FOR: anyone who believes there are limits to how much money they can make.

#7: Yes Man

by Danny Wallace

Not only hilarious but wonderfully insightful. You may have seen the movie but this original book is the real deal. This book inspired me to say yes to opportunities and changed my life. Watch what happens to Danny when he chooses to say Yes to everything that is offered to him. My favourite part is when someone secret realises what he’s doing and starts making him go to weird places.

THIS BOOK IS FOR: anyone who feels stuck in a rut or boring routine.

#8: The Richest Man In Babylon

by George Clason

Ancient tablets from the city of Babylon were excavated and transcribed. Turns out they were some guy’s plan on how he would pay off his debts and become rich. These strategies still apply today and this book, with it’s ridiculously simply message, changed how I will manage my money forever.

THIS BOOK IS FOR: anyone who struggles with managing their finances.

#9: The Way Of The Superior Man

by David Deida

A somewhat spiritual book that actually aligns quite well with psychology and neuroscience. This is the closest I’ve seen anyone come to understanding the core differences between masculine and feminine roles in a relationship. Wonder why you are your spouse have massive arguments over seemingly nothing? This book will help you understand this.

THIS IS FOR: anyone who wants to be the masculine person in a relationship, particularly any men who think women are “crazy” – this book will help you translate what the woman is actually saying (not as crazy as you’d think!)

#10: Outliers: The Story Of Success

by Malcolm Gladwell

Challenge all of your beliefs on success and why some people have it when others don’t. Malcolm is a very inspirational and insightful student of the art of success. This book explores real people and cultures who were successful and systematically explores why they are/were successful. Will rock your world!

THIS BOOK IS FOR: anyone who wants to be a high achiever.



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