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A simple trick for overcoming FEAR

A simple trick for overcoming fear is to first understand that most fear comes from exaggerating a situation in your mind. You see it as bigger or longer than the next step actually is. See any task or any situation that you’re in is actually a series of micro movements, just the next step after the next step, after the next step, when you see it all together at once, it looks overwhelming, like “starting a business” is thousands of steps. And so the words “starting a business” sound huge, but if you think “I’ve just got to think of a business name” and that’s it ir’s not so scary, and you can break anything down like this over and over again till you realize nothing’s really that terrifying.

The best way to prevent toxic people worming into your life

The best way to prevent toxic people from worming their way into your life is threefold. First off to focus on being as healthy as possible yourself. Secondly, to be as honest as you possibly can and thirdly to have incredibly high standards of Integrity to be willing to be alone, rather than with somebody who breaches your values of respect or honesty or responsibility. So if you focus on making yourself extremely healthy physically and mentally an endless growth cycle. And every time you speak, you try to be as honest as possible, including talking to people about how you feel about their behavior especially And whenever somebody behaves in a way you don’t like you confront them and if they refuse to agree to that confrontation and change their behavior, then you get them out of your life. It’s almost impossible for a manipulative or toxic person to worm their way inside.

The DISADVANTAGE of being raised middle class

Now people raised in hard environments might disagree with me on this one but the simple fact is being raised middle class actually puts you as a disadvantage psychologically the reason for this is because you always have a safety net and a comfort zone and this actually makes you more fragile and more complacent less able to take risks less able to back yourself for example if a middle class raised person they always know psychologically that they can probably borrow money from their parents if it doesn’t go well this actually holds them back from risk taking and all the necessary things you need to do to move a business forward this is just one example of many so if you were raised middle class make sure you cut yourself off from all of those safety nets or otherwise you’re going to be a fragile person


Your most important resource is THIS…

Most people will tell you the most important resource is time. Some others will tell you it’s money or social connections, but I think there’s something far more important and it’s something that I call bandwidth, and that is what your attention is taken up by. Now, if your attention is spread amongst lots of different things, it doesn’t matter how much time you have, because you’re going to waste it. If your attention is highly focused and carefully protected against distractions, you get a lot done, you’re very productive you have a great life. So if you think of your attention being a limited spectrum and everything that comes into your attention takes up some space and you treat that as the most important thing you’ll make better decisions.

Dealing with toxic people in your business community

In response to a recent video I did about removing toxic people from your life One friend of mine asked, well, what about if they’re your students in a class that you run? You know what, if the your clients and the community that you run, what if they use, paying you as a way to sort of sneak in and bully you and do toxic things? Well my advice, for that specific situation is, you’ve got to think big picture about the community when your community is your business, then you’ve gotta tend to that community like a garden. You have to keep the weeds out. If it means losing money, short-term, it’s actually better for you in the long term. So never allow a toxic person to stay in your community. It’s better to ban them lose their money, kick them out, then to allow them to damage the community which will be far more costly in the long run.

“If you’re single or alone for Christmas…”

If you’re single or alone during Christmas, you might feel like you’re the odd one out. Like there’s something wrong with you that you are somehow less than other people. But here’s the thing, that’s all bullshit. All those people that are surrounded by family and loved ones during Christmas; there’s a secret they’re not telling you and that is for a large majority of them This was the most stressful month of the year. They fucking hated it and all because of Christmas. And the people who are single and got no one to like force them into obligations around Christmas actually have a much less stressful month than everybody else. So don’t feel too down that you’re by yourself because actually December’s better for you than it is for everyone else.

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