This week’s best posts – 11 October 2022

A collection of posts from various social media from the last week or so…

Getting balls checked!

Hey everyone. I’m currently in Brno hospital, about to get prepped for surgery tomorrow.
I’m getting surgery on one of my testicles, removing what’s called a hydrocele, which is kind of like a benign growth of some kind, and I wanted to share the story to encourage all the men in this group to overcome their fears and shame around the genital area and getting it checked medically.
Testicular cancer is one of the biggest killers of men and it’s simply because guys just have that thing where they’re a bit too embarrassed to have some doctor playing with their nuts, and it’s a stupid thing to die for!
And yes, it’s a hassle. I’m in a hospital that doesn’t speak English, and I’m surrounded by people who look way older than me. It’s a very uncomfortable experience, and there’ll be 4 days in hospital and nurses shaving my balls and all the stuff that we’re worried will happen when we think about getting checked.
But at the end of it, I will be taking a measure that is better for my life. And it’s for my wife and child.
I want you guys to think about it. One quick uncomfortable visit to the doctor could either mean peace of mind, or catching something that might kill you before it becomes inoperable or destroys your fertility or your ability to get an erection and all that kind of stuff.
So just get in there and get checked even if you think nothing’s wrong, and make sure to do so at least once per year. Nobody needs to know about it. Consider it your act of courage for the week.

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